There’s news that cross-country Delta elite folks in Boston,New York, Seattle and a few other cities will love (seems I picked good time to switch my Platinum status to Delta). Guest Michael Parker schools me on all the new places to hang out in my hometown of Minneapolis, MN (and announces once and for all who makes the best “Juicy Lucy”). Anthony digs up black Friday deals that look good on the surface but could use a peek at the fine print. All that and we try to figure out where to buy a $20,000 TV.

Podcast Spoilers

Business Insider digs into the Delta One announcement.
Detailed info on the new Cesars Suites found in a Travelskills new hotel roundup.

Minneapolis Mentions

Here are just some links to some of the places mentioned in our talk with Michael Parker about Minneapolis, MN.

Pizza Lucé –  Long time Minneapolis pizza favorite.
Red’s Savoy – Long time St. Paul pizza favorite, now Twin Cities pizza empire.
Nye’s Polonaise – Voted “Best Bar in America” by Esquire magazine not that long ago but now closed to make way for fancy apartments.
Matt’s Bar – President Obama chose Matt’s for his Juicy Lucy when visiting Minneapolis, but is a bipartisan winner for hot intra-meat cheese.
Parlour – Not a place I had ever heard of but gets high praise from our guest.
Little Tijuana’s – If you like your Mexican food served in an eclectic atmosphere and served by someone with an unconventional appearance, this is your spot (or at least how I remember it).
CC Club – “Old guy’s bar” and vintage Minneapolis hang.
Bill Deville’s Front Porch – When I left Minnesota, bars still closed at 1am so a common after-party was on a deck, porch or even garage of a neighbor. These aren’t places with websites or apps, but often provide the best parts of a night out in Minnesota.

Samsung’s Hotel TVs

Samsung tried to simplify it’s sales pitch to us about their REACH hotel TVs but there’s more to it all than we could cover in one podcast.

Samsung REACH

Samsung TV with RF version of their REACH product.

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