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On July 7, 2011
Last modified:July 7, 2011


Airline: Delta Airlines
Aircraft: MD90
Seat: 3C
Class: First


The Seat:The seats are a little worn, and a bit smallish. While I fit fine here, I noticed more than one slightly larger passenger having difficulty getting situated in these slimmer seats that measure just over 19 inches wide (compared to say first class aboard Delta’s A320, which offers up a full 21 inches.)  Legroom is typical but avoid row 1 on either side as the bulkhead will force-feed you your own knees.

Delta MD90 parked at MSP

Service/Food/Drink: This was a quick trip with no meal service. Unlimited beverage and snacks were served and service was friendly. Nothing extra here.

Summary: If you’re taller or wider and can manage to get a different aircraft flying the same route, you’ll be better off avoiding this cabin altogether. 3C isn’t as unreasonable as anything in row 1, but won’t send you home bragging about your upgrade.

Rating: 2 hops (of 5).

Strategy: If you’re not a delta elite member (medallion), your best bet is to arrive at the airport early and check in at the kiosk. If no reduced price upgrade is offered there, they may be offered at the gate. For both elite and non-elite fliers, you’ll stand a better chance of there being room up front if business travelers aren’t present. Travel on weekends and holidays for best results.

How I got it: Delta Medallion Status and weekend travel. Used status to standby for a later flight that wasn’t as full up front.



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