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Jake Redman December 13, 2021 1

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Worried about keeping the kids safe while you travel? Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do for added protection when you’re away from home. Here are some considerations when looking to add safeguards for family trips.


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family safety is key when travelling


On Their Devices


It’s great to have something like Family Orbit parental app on your kids phone or device. With it, you can see who they are talking to and where they are at all given times. Some might say it’s a step too far, but it helps you to ensure that your kids are safe at least when you’re out of town together.


 If you are on vacation and for whatever reason you can’t find them. It could be that they have wandered off or gotten separated and lost. Apps like this can help you to find them quickly, so the panic is only ever going to be short lived.


Have A Meeting Point


You want to have an agreed meeting point with your kids so that they’ll be able to find you if they get separated from you. It has to be somewhere that they can easily find and get to, and it’s got to be somewhere that they are going to be safe. Ideally, it should be somewhere like the hotel that you are staying in at an agreed point in the lobby. When kids know that they have somewhere to go to meet back up with their family, they will do everything that they can to get there. Make sure everyone in the family knows (or has written down) the name and address of your meeting point.


Research The Area


Before your trip, it always pays to research the area. Hopefully, you are going to be heading somewhere that the crime rate is relatively low so it isn’t something that you have to worry much about. You should also look into if there are any bugs or things that could be a potential risk so that you can take the correct precautions. It might even be worth talking to the hotel staff just to get the perspective of someone who lives there so that you can plan accordingly.


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