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Getting the Most From a Weekend Getaway

Contributing Author December 5, 2021 5

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It may have been a while since you went on a vacation and you may be wondering if a weekend getaway will help you release all stress and free your mind. It might be time to stop fighting it and give that getaway a shot while planning various ways of making it the best.

a man pointing at a sign
Hiking or flying, Weekend trips are back! (Note: Jake doesn’t hike, just passing by a sign).

Start by writing down a trip intention

Writing a trip’s purpose will help you know how you will show up in the world. It plays the role of helping you make decisions on the way to spend your time. When your intention for the weekend is clear, it can help you stay connected and grounded.

You can start by asking yourself what you’d like to experience, especially with your weekend trip. It can be just a simple word on the way you want to feel, for example, calm or acting immerse.

Decide on your budget

Your budget should be the first step before going on a weekend getaway.  Not everyone can afford to spend a lot of cash on each trip, and through this, setting a rough budget can help shape your gateway according to your financial situation. When you plan on your budget, it’s also essential to consider the cost of various things like accommodation fees, food, and transport.

Decide if you will fly or drive

a man taking a selfie
Jake’s been known to fly well out of range for the weekend if the deal is great.

Once you get a rough idea of the amount you will be spending on the getaway, you can start thinking of the best places to go. The place to go will depend on whether you prefer driving or you’re willing to fly. If you don’t have a car of your own, you can consider hiring one from a service like Limo Rentals or the one that will fit your budget and you feel comfortable using. Also, make sure the rented car gives you more flexibility because you may decide to stop along the way and stay whenever you feel like since you won’t need to depend on public transportation.

Make some prior bookings

It’s not a bad idea to book your accommodation well in advance instead of waiting until the last minute in most cases. Because we still live in the Covid era, prior bookings are advisable to ensure the Covid concerns don’t affect your getaway. Further, it’s best to have good research, especially on the place you choose for your accommodation, and know local health precautions and how well they’re enforced. 

It’s okay to put advance bookings of activities and accomodations as your top priority as you’ll be able to avoid some stress. Besides, the prior booking may help you get great discounts and offers for your stay.

Make sure you don’t get stuck

Ensure you plan your trip well, and don’t forget to pack the things needed to help you have a great time. Having enough funds will help you avoid being stuck while taking your trip. It’s also essential to have clear directions to help you reach your destination and come back without getting lost. The right travel insurance can help, but Jake has used services like Cranky Concierge for flight monitoring and to help get out of a flight jam if needed.

Choose a place that speaks for you and makes sense

You may have a hard time choosing the best destination, and in this case, you need to consider the type of fun that’s right specifically for you and your group. So choose the best place that speaks to you and who you’re going with. For example, if you love wildlife, you can consider going on a game drive, and if you love water, you can go to a place like a beach. Additionally, if sightseeing is the best thing for you, how about considering going to a town which will allow you to explore from dawn till dusk and sightsee. It’s just important to remember that with just a few days (even in extended weekends), destinations closer to home will take less time out of your getaway.

the tail of a plane


Planning an itinerary can be done daily depending on your getaway location, as you can also decide to keep your plans flexible in exploring the desired places. Either way, it’s vital to do it by researching your destination and making lists of the places you would like to visit, some dine-in places, or the activities you will take. A couple of good starting points for researching destinations and activities are TripAdvisor and Culture Trip.

If you’re a spontaneous traveler, your time may get wasted if you don’t know what you want to do while on the trip. Since you want to be enjoying and exploring your weekend getaway, you need to know what activities you will do on specific days. It’s good to be a list person for quick trips like this, or have a friend that is.

In summary, despite a traveling plan getting overwhelming sometimes, especially when you’re traveling overseas and when traveling with kids, you need to have it before going for the trip. 


Share your weekend getaway stories and tips in the comments and @modhop on twitter and instagram.

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