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Group of people rafting in rubber dinghy on a river

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4 Adrenaline-Packed Idea Starters for Summer

Contributing Author May 10, 2022

If you’re looking for adventure but not quite at Volcano Hike or Arctic Kayaking level, we’ve got four idea-starters. These are adrenaline-filled activities that will get your heart racing. Whether you’re into extreme sports or just want to explore new and exciting terrain, these activities are sure to excite and […]

Scenic View Of Beach Against Sky

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A Summer Trip Planning Refresher

Contributing Author April 23, 2022

It’s planning season again, when everyone starts planning their summer vacations. While the trip itself is the fun part, the process of scheduling and arranging everything might be a source of additional stress that you don’t need in your life right now. Demotivation can follow, and you may find yourself […]

Net rope during obstacle course

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Getting Back Into Vacation Shape

Contributing Author April 14, 2022

For some of us, it’s been over two years since we’ve felt safe to travel again. The pandemic risks aren’t completely gone (unfortunately), but thankfully, many major destinations have reopened to visitors. The good news is that we can travel safely cross-states and even abroad. Some travel restrictions and regulations […]