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Ready to Splurge? Travel Upgrades for the win.

Contributing Author August 14, 2023

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If you have more disposable income to work with, you have a special vacation coming up (like a honeymoon or birthday celebration), or you’re simply hoping to go all out, it can be nice to shift your usual travel plans to those that offer a little more indulgence.

3d rendering luxury modern bedroom suite in hotel
An accommodation upgrade can make the difference.

Of course, it’s not always affordable, or perhaps it’s not something you feel like you need to spend on. Yet just like decking out your suitcase with new travel clothes and footwear, it’s nice to make those investments in yourself to enjoy a better vacation experience.

Yet even if you’re hoping to spend more on yourself to make sure this experience is even more memorable, it’s healthy to still prioritize value for money. Here, we’ll go over some worthwhile measures for upgrading the quality of your travel experience, by discussing those upgrades that will no doubt offer the largest return for money (or points!). 

Opt For Larger Accommodations

It’s hard to overstate how having more accommodation space to enjoy can improve your vacation, even if this might seem like a relatively minor upgrade, and that you won’t be spending too much time there during the holiday anyway. For instance, you might opt for a fantastic extended stay hotel with ample space for your family from a site like MyRoost https://www.myroost.com/extended-stay-hotel-cleveland-ohio, or include more people in your travel plans thank to booking larger accommodations. You can even save money by splitting the cost with a larger group, perhaps for bigger adventures or celebrations – just make sure you adhere to the rules of the accommodation service.

a long hallway with windows and curtains
Plane and train upgrades can be a big boost to your trip.

Upgrade Your Transportation

Most people think of transportation and the commute to a new vacation spot to be “the thing that you have to do,” and that’s true, going abroad or traveling takes time. That’s why it can be nice to make this part of your vacation rather than a chore that bookends each side. For example, upgrading to first or business class, or taking a scenic, long train route can be wonderful for the spirit, much more relaxing, replete with comforts, and even gives you the chance to pass the time feeling more engaged than tired and lacking relaxation.

Plan Your Indulgences

One amazing upgraded indulgence can be worth several others combined. By that we mean you might decide to eat out only one or twice during your vacation, but combine your funds for the culinary experience of a lifetime as a result. For example, you might plan to enjoy food in a Michelin-star establishment that not only tastes divine but helps you explore your palate through and through; sometimes, these experiences can be once in a lifetime. Planning your indulgences to this degree helps you assess what is and isn’t important to you, or gives you room to explore outside of your usual vacationing norms.

With this advice, you’re sure to upgrade the quality of your travel experience through and through. Sometimes, a little investment in the right place can make all the difference in the world.

What are your favorite travel upgrades? Let us know in the comments or @modhop on most socials.

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