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Covid Cabin Fever? Consider Adventure in Utah.

Contributing Author February 11, 2021 1

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Our outdoorsy friends are weighing in on their new fave hotspot…UTAH?! Turns out there are most definitely some fun and adrenaline-packed activities to partake of in the Beehive State. Read on to find out what they are. 

Lake Powell – for getting wet

One of the best locations in the whole of Utah for the adventure junky is Lake Powell. Of course, it’s not just a great place for water sports but is cinematically beautiful as well, with its blue water and red stone rocks! 

In particular, wakeboarding seems to be the activity of choice here. You know that sport where you strap your feet to a board and hold onto a cable coming from the back of a motorboat for dear life! Although if that doesn’t quite wet your adventure whistles you can have a go at jet skiing, boating, water skiing, and even tubing if you like?!

The great news is that there are some wonderful hotels located in this area too. Utah is full of hotel deals year-round so hop on your favorite travel site to dig around.

In particular, the 5 star Amangiri with its minimalist style and outdoor space is an excellent choice. Although if you are looking for some more reasonably priced accommodation the Quality Inn View Of Lake Powell may be a better option. 

Hotel life too fancy for you? Good news, there are some truly wonderful campgrounds like the Bullfrog Basin to check out in this area as well. A choice that is likely to suit adventure junkies even more than the luxury of a hotel. 

Sand Mountain – for off-roading 

At almost 5000 acres the Sand Mountain in recreation area attracts around 60,000 visitors a year. Luckily, not all in one go! 

The big draw for adventure junkies here is off-roading through the dunes, of which there is about 3 miles worth. OHV vehicles are allowed too but only on the existing roads and trails. 

Happily, you can get a detailed breakdown of where those are from this Southern Utah Trail Map Resources download. Indeed, the use of this land, although beloved by the off-road community, is currently under threat, so the more carefully you can stick to the designated zones while having your off-roading adventure, the better. 

Calf Creek Falls – hike at night 

Clark Creek Falls is another stunningly gorgeous location that the adventure addict in you will not want to miss. Indeed, in the daylight, it looks like something straight out of a Western movie! However, it’s at night when things get really fun. This is because Calf Creek Falls is a well-known spot for night-hiking especially when the moon is full! 

You can even get an experienced guide to lead your hike, which sounds a lot less dangerous than gallivanting around there on your own in the dark. 


Fifth Water Hot Springs – to ease your bruises 

After trying your hand at one of the adventurous activities below, a most restful visit may be in order. The good news is that things don’t get any more relaxing or soothing than Fifth Water Hot Springs. 

Unlike man-made hot tubs, the hots springs are completely natural features with rock formations creating pools of hot, blue, and green water. All you need to do is put on your bathing suit and enjoy! 

Have a favorite Utah adventure hot-spot to share? Let us know in the comments…


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