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Tiptoeing Back to Travel in 2021

Contributing Author January 19, 2021

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Editors note: At the time we publish this (January 2021) , please note that we are in no way recommending unnecessary travel right now. We are, however, hopeful that 2021 will  get us back on the road and in the air to visit our favorite places and explore new ones. Please consult your country’s health authority for current recommendations.

face mask travel
Slowly moving back to travel means taking precautions even as restrictions are lifted.

If you are yearning to scratch that wanderlust itch, you might be eager to hot-foot it onto a plane to immerse yourself in new cultures, see new vistas, and experience life outside of your hometown. For those of us who adore traveling, 2020 was particularly hard. Being unable to act on our spontaneous needs to venture off the beaten track and feel free has been challenging. Now we are eager to spend some of 2021 traveling once again but is this even possible? Take a look at how you can maximize your travel opportunities this year.

Plan Flexibly

Planning any trip has always been key to its success. However, this is even more true in 2021. You’ll need to be flexible in your approach to travel and ensure that you don’t part with any cash upfront. Your travel plans need to rely on those sites that allow you to make reservations at hotels, hostels and campsites without parting with your money until you rock up on the date you booked. Consider checking out some tourism industry stats and plan your jaunt around this. You also need to consider the coronavirus outlook for the destination where you wish to travel. If there is a regional outbreak or a new variant emerging, you might not want to risk venturing to that part of the world for fear of quarantines and lockdowns. 

Plan your trip by developing a skeleton itinerary. You will need to have some back up plans should venues or landmarks that you want to visit become inaccessible due to Covid. While solo travel may require extra thought, putting in the planning initially will ensure that your trip has less chance of being canceled at the last moment.

It May be Better Here, but…

It can feel like a lottery when planning your first travel adventure in a pandemic world. If your nation is on a list of quarantine requirements, you will have to surrender to the fact that you may need to stay cooped up in a hotel room for two weeks when you set foot off the plane. Crucially, you must adhere to all of the coronavirus guidance that is issued where you are planning to travel. There are different pieces of legislation in every country. Some nations require face coverings at all times, some only allow outdoor dining, and others don’t have many restrictions at all.

Working from the road
Not a natural camper? Consider an RV with at-home conveniences.

Roving Lockdown

If you are understandably concerned about heading overseas in 2021, think about a road trip within your home state or province. This way, you are in full control of the trip, you can personalize your journey and you don’t have to worry about relying on other accommodation, especially if you’ve got an RV or campervan for you and your peeps. A road trip is more popular than ever because you can venture from coast to country trekking off the beaten track and enjoy your doorstep like never before. It can also be a cost effective way to take a vacation.

If you’d prefer a more permanent structure, consider a nearby vacation rental. Listen as Jake and Anthony talk to friend and influencer Deena Lang about family trips within a few hours from home…

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    Tiptoeing Back to Travel in 2021
    Contributing Author

If you are keen to travel in 2021, get planning now. Be flexible, don’t part with your cash upfront, and start looking forward to your next travel adventure. If you’ve travelled in recent, let us know via comment what added precautions you’ve taken that might be helpful as we hope to slowly ease back into a travel routine.

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