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Ideas for Crushing Long-Term Travel Burnout

Contributing Author August 2, 2022

Since the start of the Covid 19  pandemic, increasing numbers of people have turned towards long term travel as a way of life. While many of us would usually only get away from our home town and visit other places maybe once every year or so, these new nomads tend to plan trips, hopping from one country to another, taking in as much of the world as they can see. Of course, there are different ways that people go about this. Some people will have gathered savings and will be travelling full time on a budget. Others will be digital […]

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Dallas, Disney and Deals. Our 100th Episode.

Jake Redman July 29, 2022

We were so excited to just sit down an do a new podcast, we forgot that this was our 100TH episode! Our plans for a star-studded salute to our pod-body of work was barely afloat at this point anyway so probably for the best that this is just a low-key event. That said, there was some wacky shenanigans aboard a Virgin Atlantic flight this week so we cover that along with a sweet discount for Uber One and point you to a solid breakdown on the current state of high-annual fee credit cards. Plus, we chat about Anthony’s trip to […]

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Homeschool on the Road: Ideas for Educating the Kids While you Travel

Contributing Author July 7, 2022

Keeping up your kids education while on the road as a family is, in many respects, a more difficult lifestyle than homeschooling your children while residing in one location.   On the other hand, families that choose this way of life typically view it as significantly more rewarding than the alternatives, and it is undeniably true that the adventures that you and your loved ones have together while traveling may help you create amazing memories to share with one another.   The process of educating children outside of the traditional school setting may in and of itself be an exciting […]

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