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Surviving Holiday Travel With Kids 101

Contributing Author December 1, 2021

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When travelling with young children the key to keeping them happy is distraction. Many toddlers and young kids become bored quickly during journeys and it is useful to have a few things handy to keep the kids entertained. This can be something simple like playing music in the car to help the time pass, or taking along coloring books and pens for while waiting around in airport lounges.

Bring Lots to do for little ones.
Jake’s kids love having things to do on the plane.


If travelling by car with young children make sure they don’t forget that special comfort toy or blanket. Always take snacks and drinks for when the kids feel hungry or thirsty, and spare clothing for any accidents that might occur. Snacks can get messy, and also many children suffer travel sickness, so spare clothes, wipes and refuse bags are essential. A great family activity while travelling in the car with young children is singing. Collect a couple of nursery rhyme or song playlists to play on car journeys. Everyone in the car can be involved in the singalong and young children will love this. Another family activity is car games. This can be anything from spotting colors of cars on the road to more sophisticated games with older children, like naming items that begin with a certain letter or guessing the identities of famous people based on the clues you give.

Reltated Podcast: Jake is starting to like Kids Bop.

Air travel with young children can be especially tricky. If you are travelling with babies you will need enough diapers and milk or food to see you through however long the journey is. Always check first to find what you are allowed to carry through with you at airport security. Keeping toddlers occupied can be a problem while waiting in airport lounges as well as on the plane itself. Coloring books, puzzle books and a few pens and pencils are handy items to carry with you, as well as story books and any favourite toys the child may have. Always carry wipes, paper towels and a spare set of clothing in case a quick change is needed. If you are travelling in a hot climate it is also advisable to carry sun tan lotion and a hat for your child.

Kids eating healthy snacks
However you travel, healthy snacks are key for keeping little ones from getting hangry.


Older children do amuse themselves to a certain extent, but they still get bored and it will make your life easier if you are prepared for this in advance. Allow them to take any handheld game devices they might have. Cell phones are particularly handy while waiting around in airport lounges as your kids can text their friends, surf the internet, play games and listen to music. Once on the plane older children can lose themselves in a novel or complete puzzle books.


Do encourage your child to be responsible for their own luggage and what they take along with them. This can be introduced at an early age by buying toddlers small backpacks and helping them to pack any books and pens and small toys they might need. Allow them to decide some of this for themselves while encouraging them to take the more practical items as well. As your child gets older they should be used to packing personal items in handheld luggage themselves, and as long as you check what is going in there, this is good practise for your child as they grow up and mature.

What tips do you have for travel with kids? Let us know in the comments or @modhop on Twitter, Instagram or send us a TikToK!

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