Airline: United
Aircraft: A319
Seat: 1B
Class: First

Seat 1C - United A319

At least one of your legs can be free.

Notes: Don’t believe SeatGuru ( on this one. While they do warn about the proximity of the bulkhead wall, the seats somehow still get the coveted “all green” rating. If I were king of SG, I’d give it the old half-green/half-yellow. The aforementioned bulkhead is the real problem. They provide a little cut-out for your feet, but it’s still rather constricting. This particular seat allows you to stretch your right leg beyond wall (or both legs if you sit sideways) but will twist anyone of height unnaturally. If you’re taller than I am (5’8″) You may want to sit in row 2 (the only other First Class row on this aircraft)…although then you might be dealing with limited recline.

Summary: This seat is comfortable enough for short flights and/or short people.

Meal in first. United A319.

Apparently, Dr. Atkins is United's new executive chef.


Food: Small fixin’s but enough for a sub 3-hour flight.

Rating: 3.5 hops (of 5) for passengers 5’8″ or shorter. 2.5 hops for those above.

How I got it: Used 2 “500 mile upgrades” purchased with Premier discount.  Without elite status, upgrades may be available in exchange for frequent flyer miles or purchase of said “500 mile upgrades” (available at United’s website), although you’ll be lower on waitlist priority.

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