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Air Canada Preferred Seats – Row 1 on a CRJ200 | Video

Jake Redman September 28, 2015

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On September 28, 2015
Last modified:September 28, 2015


Airline: Air Canada Express (operated by Jazz)
Aircraft: CRJ-200
Seat maps: Air CanadaSeatGuru
Seat Info: Seats 1D/F
Class: Air Canada Preferred Seats

Seats: There’s no dedicated section of extra legroom seats with a fancy name (eg. Economy Comfort, Comfort +, Super Comfort, Amazing Comfort ++) here but you’ll find “Air Canada Preferred Seats” in different spots throughout the airline’s fleet. On this CRJ-200 operated by Jazz, these are in the exit row and here in bulkhead row 1.

If this is the standard, I think Air Canada should have a meeting on what “preferred” means.

Air Canada Preferred Seats in row 1 aboard a CRJ200
These Air Canada Preferred Seats seem to want to stick it to “preferred” customers.

If you can wait a few hundredths of a minute more to get off the plane, the rows immediately behind this one offer better space for you to stretch your legs, provide a tiny bit more hip-space and (best of all) don’t cost anything extra. If the wait is just too much and insist on being in the front row, you’ll be jammed up against a bulkhead wall and feel the squeeze of a slightly reduced width thanks to the armrest tray table.

At this posting, SeatGuru gives these seats a “green” rating…and we’re like “Huh?!”.


Tech/Connectivity/Entertainment:  No, no…and no. Tech is that you’re flying, connectivity is any chemistry with your seatmate and entertainment is whatever is floating in your imagination that

Like everyone NOT in Air Canada Preferred Seats, we got snacks.
Air Canada Preferred Seats have a tray table that folds up from the armrest, cutting into your already slim seat width.

day. Luckily these planes fly shorter routes so you won’t be disconnected for long.

Food: You’ll likely get beverage service and a light snack. On this morning hop we got coffee and a cranberry biscuit. Also offered was starve.

Service: Service was good but not unforgettable. We know that we got our coffee, no one was rude and that our notes tell us that we had no complaints. Yes, we take notes.

2 hops (of 5)

Route Flown for this review: Newark (EWR) – Montreal (YUL)

How we got em’: Air Canada preferred/elite frequent fliers have access to these seats at no extra charge. We’ve given up on loyalty to anyone, so for us it was a $15 upgrade fee that we noticed went down to $11 at check in.

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Jake Redman

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