Take a 360 degree spin around Airspace Lounge JFK at T5:

Seat Surprise

Despite it’s small size, there are a few different ways to lounge here at Airspace Lounge JFK. Seating comes in many forms from bar to workbar to lounger, it’s all here. The space keeps each area of seats to a minimum though. At crowded times, I can see this getting on a nerve or two. If you’ve spent money to get in, buyers remorse might set in if you see any zen-like empty gates on exiting.

Airspace Lounge JFK has seating on different levels...sort of.

It’s a super-70’s sunken living room inside the Airspace Lounge JFK location.

Spending Your Allowance in one Place

Whether you pay a fee or use an airline or credit card benefit to enter, you’ll get a food allowance. My $10 card got me an antipasto plate and $2 left over to apply toward a $7 Bud Light…no thanks. “Dining Menu” options seem more reasonable in price than booze, but that doesn’t mean they’re actually reasonable. With the exception of free coffee, tea and soft drinks, airport pricing lives inside the Airspace Lounge JFK too. Granola for $6.50 or $8 soup anyone?

Complimentary items counter at Airspace Lounge.

The free stuff at Airspace Lounge JFK.

Both the bartender and snack-crafter were skilled hosts, but drink service was a little slow. On this visit our resident mixologist had to the front desk to get people checked into the lounge. As things got busy, it got a little chaotic.

Food at Airspace Lounge JFK Terminal 5.

Snacks are pricey but tasty inside Airspace Lounge JFK.


Terminal 5 seems to have at least as much power and wi-fi mojo outside the Airspace Lounge JFK. I actually connected to the complimentary JetBlue signal with no problems and decent speed. Outlets inside the lounge could be found along the work-bar and near some lounge seats but lacking in other spots. The terminal might win there too.

Airspace Lounge JFK workspace.

Get some work in at the workbar at Airspace Lounge JFK.


Service Hunt

We’re giving this lounge a bit of a pass assuming the front desk person called in sick today. If the lounge is normally staffed with only a snack specialist and bartender though, it’s a problem. As the lounge got more crowded we saw people lining up at the front desk while drink orders stacked. Once help arrived though, we were well taken care of.

Probably not Again?

The cramped feeling and odd food allowance (and food pricing) might keep us away from Airspace Lounge JFK on future visits to Terminal 5. The waiting areas and food options outside the lounge seem nice enough that it might not be worth the bother trying to get checked in. If we do bother, it’ll be to see if they’ve got more people working.

How we got in:

I was flying TAP Portugal Executive (Business) which got me in this time. I also carry the American Express Platinum Card that offers complimentary access. Both come with a credit ($10 at the time of this visit) good for food inside the lounge.

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