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modhop's Amenity Kit "Must-Haves"

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No longer do you have to be flying in the front 1/3 or upper deck of the airplane to be amenitiezed! We’ve done enough trans-oceanic flying to know what our in-flight amenity kit “must haves” are. Here’s a list of things you can mix and match to make up your own. Click on any of the pics to buy online or use amenity kit builder in the sidebar.


Modhop tested! 5 “hops”! [click image to purchase at amazon]
The Obusforme inflatable Pillow: While the folks in business and first class sink into their goose-down head cloud, economy passengers are stuck with near marshmallow sized pillows that are better used for lumbar support. The Obusforme isn’t an ordinary inflatable pillow. It has raised sided for better support and less head bobbing while trying to doze through turbulence and the movement of restless seat mates.  *modhop tested and approved!




[click image to buy now at amazon]

3M Earplugs: These are good earplugs. Rated to 29db, these seem to work better than higher db earplugs made by others. 3M has a grasp on manufacturing stuff like this…and post-its. 200 pairs are included (click on the pic)!  *modhop tested and approved!


Don’t let this pen get LOST. (Yeah, We went there). [click image to buy now at amazon]

Airline Pen: Most kits come with a pen with the airlines logo on it. Superstisious neighbors might sweat a little when you break out yours bearing the fictitious “Oceanic Airlines” name from the now complete “Lost” TV series. You might want to assure them that despite the loss of one large aircraft over the Pacific years ago, Oceanic had an otherwise spotless safety record.





Flight Socks: Medium Anti-deep Vein Thrombosis (Dvt) These help prevent DVT, a dangerous condition where clotting happens in deep veins. The loss of circulation can be fatal. Even those who don’t carry the risk factors can benefit from the added circulation. Don’t forget to get up and walk around the cabin every few hours when on long flights, too!


Bucky’s Eye Shades.  [click image to buy now at amazon]
Bucky’s Eye Shades: These are contoured to fit the face and keep the light out. This is particularly helpful when there’s one person in the entire cabin who refuses to close their window blind…who happens to be in your row. They’re also a  better quality than the one-use shades you’ll find in most airline amenity kits.



[click image to buy now at amazon]
L’occitane Hand Creme: Nothing feels worse than chapped knuckles scraping against a thin economy blanket. This is the current gold standard for hand moisturizers around modhop (although it changes frequently). We still can’t pronounce the name. *modhop tested and approved!



[click image to buy now at amazon]
Colgate “Wisp”– These mini toothbrush-type gadgets have a small brush with a bead of toothpaste embeded within the bristles to give your mouth a quick freshening up. While it doesn’t effectively take the place of an actual toothbrush, it will keep you from having to bother whoever is on the aisle seat for another hour or two. *modhop tested and approved!

[click image to buy now at amazon]
Folding Travel Toothbrush. – The real deal. We prefer the folding travel toothbrush to the 2-part assembly-required type. Just unfold, snap into place and brush away.

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