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On November 2, 2014
Last modified:November 2, 2014


Airline: American Airlines (operated by US Airways)
Aircraft: A320
Seat maps: SeatGuru
Seat Info: Row 11 (Exit)
Class: Economy (US Airways) “Choice” Seat

Seat(s): Whether or not it’s true that these older seats with thick padding are more comfortable than newer “slimline” seats, they sure look it aboard this (soon to be) American Airlines A320.  These heavy space-sucking monsters are comfy enough and  give you a little extra width courtesy the slightly wider Airbus frame.

The usual exit row prize, legroom, doesn’t disappoint. If your car seat is so far back that it commonly gets you out of driving people home

11C aboard an American A320

Take a good look. These thick, padded seats won’t last forever with supermodel style “slimline” seats lurking.

from the party, this is your row. It will come at a price though as these are premium seats available for purchase at check-in.

My seat (11C) didn’t recline although most seatmap websites like SeatGuru report that it does. Either it was broken, the guy behind me came equipped with a Knee Defender…or SeatGuru is wrong.


Tech/Connectivity/Entertainment: Come with all your gadgets charged up. The only forms of entertainment are whatever book, card game or web ready gadget you brought on board with you. If it’s a juiced web-device, you can connect to GoGo wifi for a fee. Web speeds were frustratingly slow on this flight.

Food: No peanuts, no pretzels, just whatever we stole from the lounge before the flight. Shhh.

Service: Our contact with crew was minimal on this hop but service at boarding and drink service was

Wi-fi and Ginger Ale

Ask for extra ice if you want something crunchy. No peanuts or pretzels on this domestic hop.


Rating: 3 hops (of 5)

Route Flown for this review: Charlotte (CLT) – Houston (IAH)

How we got em’: US Dollars. Upgrading to premium seats comes at a price unless you’re an AA Elite. Upgrade costs are based on seat location and flight distance.

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