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On December 8, 2014
Last modified:December 8, 2014


Airline: American Airlines (Operated by US Airways)
Aircraft: A321
Seat maps: SeatGuru
Seat info: Row 23
Class: Economy (Extra Legroom) Seat

Seat(s): It’s becoming rare to find older loaf-style seating aboard newer planes so it was cool to see them on what was at the time, a recent addition to the fleet. Ours were plenty comfortable and like most on-board, come with a little extra elbow room. Merci beaucoup Airbus.

Mine in particular, 23A comes with full leg extention thanks to the exit door and no seat in front of it. For the money, we still prefer the seats in exit row 10.

Legroom crime.

Not cool. Lady in 22B thinks my extra legroom space is her extra bagroom space.

This American Airlines A321 has American’s paint on the outside but configured for US Airways inside. It’s not our first mid-merger flight in so we knew to check seat ratings for the US Airways A321 before the flight. That’ll change once the airlines fully merge and seat maps are consolidated at seat rating sites.


Tech/Connectivity/Entertainment: You’ll have wi-fi but nowhere to plug-in if your devices are drained. Bring your power packs and a deck of cards in case you’re de-juiced and/or the internet is getting to the plane at snaily speeds (like on this flight).

Food: Flights over 3.5 hours should have meals for purchase. Snack boxes are also available on flights over 2 hours. B.Y.O.Peanuts.

Loafy seat in economy.

Hello loafy. I might knock off a star for not having a headrests but can’t hate on the non-slimline-ness of this one.

Service: The crew on this quick hop from New York to Charlotte was a good one. The flight attendant seated facing row 22 for take off and landing kept us entertained and answered all our annoying questions about how the flight attendants are taking the merger as it rolls out.

Rating: 3 hops (of 5)

Route Flown for this review: New York LaGuardia (LGA) – Charlotte (CLT)

How we got em’: One-way fare plus “Choice Seat” (US Airways) upgrade.

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