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We Have More Business in the Cathay Pacific “The Wing” Lounge at HKG | Watch:

Jake Redman February 15, 2016 1

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We’ve paid two visits to the Cathay Pacific Business Class “The Wing” lounge but it took both to cover the entire thing. Watch both videos here.

Lounge: Cathay Pacific Business Class “The Wing”
Where: Hong Kong (HKG) Terminal 1

Seating: Over two floors you’ll find a decent variety of seating from typical deep loungers to communal tables inside the noodle bar and the cafe chairs of the coffee bar. Seats seem to go fast though with lots of traffic coming into this lounge

Seating at Cathay Pacific Business Class The Wing Lounge
Sit downstairs if you hate bright spaces. Here, deep loungers are well away from windows.

from the nearby security checkpoint. On both visits, it was difficult to find preferrable seating for parties of more than one.

Food/Drink: It took two visits for us to realize that food options arent too bad here. At more typical self-serve stations you’ll find cold sandwiches and a fair selection of hot items, salad fixings and soup. If that’s not enough, get to the noodle bar on the upper level where you can order whatever you want as long as it’s noodles. The coffee bar is just around the corner too, with a selection of pastries and…coffee.

There appeared to be just one guy working the famous Long Bar at the Cathay Pacific Business Class “The Wing”. I’m hoping the other guy was just on break because there were a lot of super-thirsty premium travelers looking over the fairly extensive list of cocktails and beer. Temporary or not, he seemed to be handling the situation just fine, serving up complimentary Tanqueray-level spirits and signature Cathay drinks.

Other Cathay Lounges at HKG:
HKG is a great airport to just hang out in, but there are plenty of spots that Cathay provides for you to duck out of terminal madness.
The Bridge (Business Class) – outside review
The Wing (First Class) – modhop review
All Cathay Lounges @ HKG – Cathay Pacific

Wi-fi/Connectivity: Wi-fi on our second visit seemed even speedier than we remembered, which could mean improvements had been made or that maybe upstairs is better than down. Regardless, it’s nice to know that even when you leave the lounge, HKG offers decent wi-fi for free.

Power outlets aren’t plentiful but are found in pretty obvious places, mainly next to deep loungers in the main areas of the lounge.

Cathay Pacific Business Class food selection at "The Wing" lounge at HKG.
A fair selection of food options are offered at this Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge

Service: The welcome committee here was fantastic and despite the line, got us in quickly offering to point us in the right directions. This is how we finally discovered there was an upstairs to this lounge.

Inside we found bar staff to be smiley and happy to quickly toss together a drink for us. Noodle and coffee bar folks seemed more intent on just getting the job done…and that’s fine with us.

Showers: Yes. We werent here long enough either time to grab a shower but know that they’re equipped with rainfall and hand-held heads and are stocked with Jurlique amenities.

Summary: If you’re flying to the US, it’s not unlikely this will be close to your gate (We always end up at gate 4). If so, this is your most convenient spot for Business Class lounging. The service is good, the seating variety isn’t bad and the food selection is perhaps slightly above average. If you’ve got time and can walk to the other end of the terminal though, we think you might appreciate the  wider variety of food at the Cathay Pacific Business Class “The Bridge” lounge on the other end of Terminal 1.

How to get in: If you’re flying in Cathay Pacific Business Class, you’ve got access. First Class passengers can enter the adjacent, much fancier lounge but can hang here too. Cathay also welcomes “selected Marco Polo Club members and oneworld frequent flyers”.


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