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Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge "The Wing" | Video

Jake Redman April 13, 2015 1

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On April 13, 2015
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Lounge: Cathay Pacific First Class “The Wing”
 Hong Kong (HKG)

Seating: From funky to functional, you’ve got a lot of different seating to choose from at this Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge known as “The Wing” at Hong Kong (HKG). Seats are grouped nicely some more private than while others are better suited for small groups.

Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge  The Wing seating.
Plenty of big, cushy seats are here to lounge in while staring out the large airport windows.

Fall into a leather Chesterfield sofa and indulge in the champagne room or move further in for more personal space. Private, oval-shaped seats come with a leather-cushioned seat and adjustable desk and a high wall surrounding you for hiding from other flyers…or our video camera. More typical, but possibly wider  loungers occupy the main areas while café seating is located within “The Haven” a large dining room for guest dining.

Food/Drink: Easily, this is one of the nicest, cleanest, and most robust lounge buffets we’ve seen. “The Haven” had been recently expanded not long before our visit and is now a fairly large dining room featuring a robust buffet of prepared food or you can choose a made to order hot meal from the menu. Our sampling from the buffet was fresh and delicious.

Cathay Pacific First Class loungeWi-fi/Connectivity: Wi-fi worked well for us and appears speedy enough for most business purposes. Power outlets weren’t hard to spot but weren’t easily accessible from every seat.

Service: I turned up in my best business-casuals so I was surprised by the (albiet friendly) skepticism of the front desk agent. Once I presented my boarding pass and everything checked out, service took a big turn for the better. I was warmly welcomed and later found that everyone inside from bartenders to shower attendants brought a calm, friendly and seemingly genuine approach serving guests.

Showers: If they’re available and you’ve got time, try one of 5 private cabanas. Each has a separate bath and shower and come complete with a day bed if you need a quick pre-flight nap.

Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge The Wing shower amenities.
Inside shower rooms you’ll find amenities by US based Murad.

We went with a simple shower room but they’re anything but ordinary. There’s plenty of room in this calming space for washing-up without tripping over yourself. Choose from either a hand-held or true rainfall shower head and get clean with deluxe amenities.

Summary: The lightly disingenuous turned warm welcome was easily overshadowed by the great service helping the Cathay Pacific First Class “The Wing” Lounge at Hong Kong International (HKG) keep from dipping into sub “5-hop” territory. A solid selection of comfortable seating, deluxe amenities, unique features, a robust food buffet and beautifully appointed private showers/cabanas combine to make this one of the better lounges we’ve been to.

Rating: 5 hops of 5.

How to get in:  You’ll have to be flying internationally same-day in first class cabin aboard Cathay Pacific or a partner airline. Alternately, your Emerald OneWorld status should get you in.

Bonus: We stopped into the adjacent “The Wing” Business Class Lounge and got just a quick look inside.


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