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De-stress Your Teen’s First Independent Vacation

Contributing Author May 22, 2021

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It is difficult enough when your child begins to go out without you trailing behind them – the temptation to call them constantly and check that they are ok is overwhelming. That worry and anxiety are magnified when they go away on their first vacation or travel experience without you.

The worries are often not unfounded. We have all heard stories of young people getting into all sorts of hijinx while on vacation with their friends – after all, it is often their first taste of freedom, and letting their hair down can often go a wee-bit too far.

So, let’s look at how you can prepare your teen for their first independent vacation or travel experience and hopefully keep them on the right side of things.

Teens at disco

Book a package deal

Book your teen’s vacation with a package deal provider, and the majority of the costs will be covered, including flight transfers, hotel accommodations and can sometimes include meals. That way, you can be assured that all of the little things are covered – and that they are eating a good meal every day. You also won’t have to worry about them holding extra money for flight transfers and food – it is all covered.

Remind them of the rules

You’re used to being the fun-spoiler, right? You might not want to  stop them from learning from their mistakes, but spending some time before traveling looking at the do’s and do not’s of the country they are traveling to is important. For example, in some countries, drinking alcohol is permitted at the age of 18. Others will not allow it until 21. The last thing you want is a call to say your child needs an ally for criminal law matters! It is not just the laws they should be mindful of, but traditions and customs as so not to offend anyone.

Give them a money passport

Most banks provide money passports, in which you pre-load currency onto a debit card, which you can then use freely when traveling abroad without being charged. It is not only easy, but you will also receive two cards – you can keep one safe -and an online log in. So, if your teen runs out of money in the middle of their holiday, you can easily add more money to the car

Copy all of their documents

This is particularly important if they are heading off somewhere far away or for a longer period of time, as with a gap year. Having photocopies and printed copies of things like an airline ticket, booking confirmation, ID, passports, visas and so on can be helpful if things get lost or misplaced. Of course, many places will not accept copies, but having all the information together in one place can be more than useful in an emergency.


You can’t avoid all situations that your teen might get themselves in, and these steps will certainly not remove all of the worries you may have, but they can go a long way towards keeping them safe.


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