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Delta – 737-800 (73H)- Seat 18D

Jake Redman August 14, 2009

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On August 14, 2009
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Airline: Delta
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Seat: 18D (Exit Row)
Class: Economy

Notes: As long as you’re not in a war with someone for the right armrest, 18D on this 737-800 is a good place to be on a transcon flight if you’re in economy. There are minimal drawbacks, in that the seats in this row are slightly narrower due to the tray table in the armrest (normal for exit seating); also the touch-control video screen is a little harder to reach as row 17 is a few extra inches away because of the exit. The video system comes with 22 channels of Dish Network satellite TV, several choices from HBO (for purchase), flight view, games and more. On transcon flights, selections from Delta’s “Eats” menu are available (The Turkey/Brie Sandwich is a favorite of mine) with either breakfast or lunch/dinner offerings depending on the time of day. Typical meal price is $8. (*Note that in the video I mention that Delta has many or most of these planes equipt with the seatback video, yet there are still many without.)

Summary: I personally prefer being closer to the front of the cabin but I won’t hold that against this seat. The seat pitch is great and the full recline makes this an above average seat for economy. Take note that the non-aisle seats in row 18 (A,B,E&F) suffer from other drawbacks according to other sites so beware. As for 18D, you’ll be just fine.

Rating: 4 hops (of 5).

How I got it: Used medallion (elite) status to choose seat at booking. May also be available to non-elites within 24 hours of flight or at the gate.

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