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Little girl doing the dishes
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Dishes & Screaming Kids Podcast

Jake Redman April 12, 2020

Jake and Anthony dial in from their lock-down spots to talk about airlines extending elite status, the struggle to get groceries and what travel might look like in after-times. While Jake continues to build his emergency basement doomsday studio, his 800 square foot “home studio” brings the noise (dishes, kids […]



Anthony Needs an Uber-Copter to His Haircut

Jake Redman June 7, 2019

It’s our most abrupt ending to-date but there’s some good travel stuff leading up to it. We chat about the poor folks who got stuck at LAX following it’s recent power-outage and look at the latest increased SkyMiles offers from Delta’s co-branded American Express cards. Plus we tap into a […]



Podcast 26 | That’s not Nice

Jake Redman August 17, 2018

Anthony is away on vacation so our SiriusXM Radio Andy pal Alyssa Heimrich is here to sit in on some headlines. ONE of our headlines involves Radio Andy (Cohen) himself who was turned around flying from New York to Nice, France this week. We’ll talk about why his flight got […]