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Visiting the Delta Sky Club at LAX Will Make you Hungry.

Jake Redman May 23, 2016 2

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Lounge: Delta Sky Club
Location: LAX (Los Angeles, CA)
Terminal/Concourse: Terminal 5

The Space Between.

When I resort to Dave Matthews music as a headline it’s because the title really applies to the situation or I’m creatively starved for ideas. In this case it’s the former as there’s a really good amount of space between many of the lounge chairs at the Delta Sky Club LAX location, airside within terminal 5.This Delta Sky Club was remodeled in 2010 and was a remarkable improvement over it’s predecessor. Since then, there have been cosmetic improvements to keep the lounge fresh but much is the same. The space is open, bright and provides a variety of seating options for any kind of group. There are quiet areas for those who need to get work done (or are just aren’t that social) and there’s the large main room that’s more active (and closer to the food). In regards to comfort, You’ll have a wide choice of seating from bar stools that line the long window on the far side of the lounge to large odd but cute cube chairs with high backs and sides (that seem more like artwork than furniture).

Delta Sky Club LAX seating
It seems you could do cartwheels in between some of the seats here. Lounge solo or in groups. Delta Sky Club LAX

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Juice for Surfing.

Wi-fi is complimentary here and at all Delta Sky Club locations and worked just fine here. Delta has been consistently smart in recent years about providing power outlets near most seats within the lounge, a touch we appreciate every time.

Here’s why You’ll Leave Hungry.

The Delta Sky Club LAX serves up time-appropriate lounge snacks but to explain. Our morning visit came with spin-to-serve cereal, bagel and pastries alongside juices and coffee. Later-day visits should offer more savory snacks but true meal-worthy options remain absent so it’s not unlikely that you’ll walk out still wanting a true meal.

Breakfast at Delta Sky Club LAX
Can you guess how many flakes are in the tube? Breakfast options at Delta Sky Club LAX.

LA Friendly.

The front desk was well staffed at most times to check you in (to the lounge) and help with reservations. Agents were bright and cheery on our most recent visit and were eager to point out features of the nicely re-appointed Delta Sky Club LAX.  Inside, service was stealthy but great. Nothing sat unattended to very long and cleanup was quick throughout.


Delta Sky Club LAX cafe
Time to dine! There’s plenty of cafe style seating here at Delta Sky Club LAX.

Excitement-Free Showering.

We didn’t use them but our Boarding Area pal Jeffsetter has experienced the “not so great” Delta Sky Club LAX shower experience. Just having showers that are reasonably clean and come with decent amenities is a big plus to us.


You’ll also have a good view of the lounge from the front counter so you can see how crowded it is before bothering. This is particularly helpful if you pay per visit and don’t want to pony-up extra cash just to be squished into a spot that’s more crowded than the terminal.

Rating: 7.8 of 10

How we got in: On my more recent visit I was flying in Delta One on a transcon flight to New York JFK so admission was complimentary.  On earlier visits, a co-pay with a Delta branded American Express Card, gave me 1-time access (price is per-guest).



See how the space has changed. Here’s our earlier video review from 2011:

Delta Sky Club LAX in 2011.

Thanks for watching and reading our updated review of the Delta Sky Club at LAX. See more reviews like this in our Lounge Review section.

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  1. Tykifla on October 14, 2013

    Thanks…..It might be time for Delta to spruce up the club soon. Front desk staff was excellent and showers were very clean.

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