Airline: Delta Airlines
Aircraft: 757-200 (757/75U)
Seat maps:   Delta | SeatGuru
Our Seat(s): 21 D,E,F
Class: (Economy) Comfort+

Knees Win

There’s no denying that knees get some extra room to roam in Comfort+ Delta 757 seating, but is that it? On this specific Delta 757-200 setup the answer is “Pretty much”. The remaining benefit to Comfort+ is snack and booze based so this (as we continue to point out) is otherwise just an economy seat. Same width, same filled middle seat, same lack of headrest…just same.

Legs get inches, hips get zip in this version of Delta 757 seating in Comfort+

Delta 757 Seating in Comfort+ comes with legroom but no love for hips.

Bulkhead seats appear to be winners placed well away from the wall giving you a good amount of stretch. Here and in the first few rows of this Delta 757 seating configuration, proximity to the restroom might be a bummer.

We like leather so these are solid in that department. Some may like that they’re older non-slimline seats and provide deeper cushioning and are arguably more comfortable.

Bring a Tablet…or Binoculars.

Delta Studio offers up a decent choice of movies and TV but not in seat back TV’s. On this older Delta 757-200 configuration you’ll get entertainment streamed from within the plane to your personal device. Otherwise you’ll be stuck squinting to see short-form programming on one of the shared, overhead TVs. GoGo in-flight wi-fi is also offered.


Chip Baskets the Clown.

Like in all configurations, your Comfort+ Delta 757 seating comes with premium snacks and beverages served during the initial economy offering. You’ll also likely get a second helping when the first class snack basket makes it’s way beyond the mesh curtain on flights over 900 miles. Flight attendants should be checking back in more often than in economy to keep you topped-up.

Delta 757 seating in Comfort+

Delta 757 seating comes in 3 flavors on this plane.

Service was a Barely Noticeable Upgrade.

We noticed the offering of complimentary booze, but we otherwise didn’t see the “plus” in service here. On this albeit short hop there were no “check-ins” after the initial cabin service but flight attendants were perfectly friendly and professional.

Rating: 4.8 (of 10)

Route Flown for this review: Fort Lauderdale (FLL) – Atlanta (ATL)

How we got em’

Digging into our reserves, we found the roughly $30 extra needed to upgrade this and our connecting flight. As we prepare this review Delta is preparing to offer Comfort+ as it’s own cabin when booking, arguably blurring the overall cost perception of this “upgrade”.


Thanks for watching and reading our review of Comfort+ Delta 757 seating aboard this, one of several of the airlines many configurations.

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