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Delta Comfort Plus seat 10C aboard the 717-200 | Video

Jake Redman April 27, 2015

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On April 27, 2015
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Airline: Delta Airlines
Aircraft: 717
Seat maps: SeatGuru
Seat Info: Seat 10C
Class: (Economy)- Delta Comfort Plus

Seat(s): The allure of this seat is the added legroom and it does indeed deliver but be ready if you plan on boarding early. 10C benefits from an aisle shift that allows you to extend your legs into the aisle of first class but because you’re exposed just where the aisle shifts entering economy, you’re gonna’ get bumped into.

Delta Comfort Plus
Despite Delta removing the word “Economy”, it’s still Economy. “Economy Comfort” is now “Comfort Plus”.

The boarding process is by far the most irritating part if you chose to hop-on early. Passenger after passenger will drag their coats over your legs, roll their carry-on over your feet and stand waiting in the area where your feet go. Galley carts can also be a problem as they move back but are less of a problem with an experienced and careful crew like ours. Keep an eye on those toes.

Tech/Connectivity/Entertainment: Seats are equipped with power ports, GoGo wi-fi and may be equipped with “Delta Studio” in-flight entertainment that streams to your own personal device from within the plane.

Delta Comfort Plus
First class passengers may be delighted as you accidentally trip your fellow economy cabin pals as they try to use the first class restroom.

Food: On the shorter domestic routes these planes fly, you’re lucky to get Biscoff cookies in economy…even if it’s a fancy Delta Comfort Plus seat like this one.

Service: I’m willing to give the service high marks just for being conscious of the shift in the aisle and NOT knocking my knees with the beverage cart. Also, because this was a happy crew who brought the friendly.

Rating: 3 hops (of 5).

Route Flown for this review: Atlanta (ATL) – Newark (EWR)

How we got em’: This was a quick hop paid for by stolen money from our petty cash and was a part of a multi-segment trip to try Delta’s then all-new 737-900. With one-way awards you might be able to snag one of these Delta Comfort Plus seats for as low as 10k SkyMiles plus the upgrade fee.


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