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Find the “+” in These A319 Delta Comfort Seats | Video

Jake Redman March 7, 2016 1

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Airline: Delta
Aircraft: A319 | Type 2 – All Economy
Seat info:  Delta | SeatGuru
Our Seat(s): 12D – 12E – 12F
Class: Economy “Comfort+”

In the seat? Not really.

Delta Comfort seats are economy seats, no different than what’s behind them. There’s fancy “Comfort+” stitching in the leather and a couple of inches more room for your legs. Where the actual seat is concerned, that’s all the “+” we could find.

If you thought that you could recline a little more in your Delta Comfort seat, that’s not the case on this A319. Extra recline is only a promise in Comfort+ on long-haul flights and these smaller single aisle workhorses are used for shorter trips.

Delta Comfort Seats with seatback TVs on an A319.
There’s a decent variety of movies and TV to choose from. Watch using the seatback TV or stream to your own device.

Heavyweight Entertianment, Lightweight Internet.

You’ll get a decent selection of movies and TV in both the seatback monitor in front of you or streaming to your own device. In-flilght Wi-fi is provided by Go-Go using ground to air technology so it might be a little spotty but worked fine for basic social network, text and photo surfing (no YouTube, Netflix, etc).

Comfort + Food?

On select routes and flights over 900 miles, you’ll get to pick from a selection of premium snacks. We take that to mean the often dreaded basket of goodies first class customers get on flights without a meal. Back here though, it’s a nice surprise to have a choice of carb-heavy treats to keep you topped up until you can get your hands on some real food. You’ll get free wine and beer here in your Delta Comfort seat too (as long as your flight is over 250 miles).

Delta Comfort Seats come with mood lighting.
Just like your ride to prom! Mood lighting soothes and classes up economy in a very 80’s way.

Nibbling on First Class Perks.

You won’t get a dedicated flight attendant in Comfort+ but you’re at the very front of the main cabin so there’s less a chance of rowdy or cranky co-passengers wearing on your crews nerves before getting to you. On our hop crew was all smiles and it was the first class flight attendant who wandered back with the snack basket…lucky us.

 7.3 hops (of 10)

Route Flown for this review: Atlanta (ATL) – New York/Newark (EWR)

How we got em’: The buy-up to our Delta Comfort seat was $39 for our original Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to New York (JFK) route. After delays, we switched itineraries to one that involved a stop in Atlanta so the upgrade proved to be worthwhile twice for the priority boarding, extra snacks and free drinks.

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Jake Redman

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  1. TVC Delta Diamond on March 7, 2016

    For flights after May, domestic flights that is, comfort-plus seats are being sold by Delta as its own fare-class. Essentially, Delta is selling comfort-plus as premium-economy, when that’s hardly the case. I don’t mind an aisle comfort-plus seat on the two-across side of a MD-88. However, the three-across side is really, really cramped. The middle seat needs to go.

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