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On July 10, 2011
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Airline: Delta Airlines
Aircraft: MD90
Seat: 1C
Class: First


Legroom in row 1 aboard Delta MD90

Not much room to stretch out. View of 1D.

The Seat:Like in my review of aisle seat 3C in this first class cabin, the seats are aging and a bit cramped in regards to seat width. But now you’ve got Mr. Bulkhead to deal with (the bulkhead wall, that is). I guess Delta hopes that free booze and snacks will make you forget that you paid a grand (or pledged your loyalty to the airline) for a seat with less legroom than even a typical economy seat (and way less than the exit row).I see no upside to this other than that you’ll be off the airplane first…and you’ll likely want to be.

Service/Food/Drink: I got up  quickly to use the restroom and missed out on the alternate meal choice (a sandwich), so I wound up with the Buffalo chicken salad. I’m thinking it may have been the calorie gods at work. Although I did enjoy the peanut butter brownie. Mmmm…Peanut butter.

Summary: If you’re taller or wider, I say look into another flight using different aircraft if you’re flexible. If you’re stuck here, I’d say opt for a seat in rows 2 or 3. See my review of seat 3C for a closer look.

Rating: 1 hops (of 5). Our worst seat rating to date! Congrats Delta MD90! (Please note that our reviews are relative to class of service and this might have scored as much as a 2 in economy.)

Strategy: If you’re not a delta elite member (medallion), your best bet is to arrive at the airport early and check in at the kiosk. If no reduced price upgrade is offered there, they may be offered at the gate. For both elite and non-elite fliers, you’ll stand a better chance of there being room up front if business travelers aren’t present. Travel on weekends and holidays for best results. If this is the only seat left for purchased upgrade, I’d likely go economy…really. (But take it if it’s free…That peanut butter brownie is pretty good.)

How I got it: Delta Medallion Status and weekend travel. Used status to standby for a later flight that wasn’t as full up front.


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