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Jake Redman March 10, 2014 2

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On March 10, 2014
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Lounge: DNATA SkyView Lounge
Where: Zurich (ZRH) – Zurich


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Seating: There’s a clear effort to fill this DNATA SkyView Lounge with the maxiumum number of seats without feeling too cramped. Because it’s not broken up into sections the lounge feels pretty open when it’s empty but by looking at how the larger center section of seats are arranged in rows, you’ll likely feel pretty jammed if it’s busy.

Seats themselves are comfortable but there’s not much to choose from. If you’re a kitchen table type, you’ll miss cafe or bar seating, it’s all lounge chairs here.

DNATA SkyView Lounge view.
Double-layer protection from the outdoors. – View from DNATA SkyView Lounge at Zurich (ZRH)

Food/Drink: This was the most disappointing part of our visit. Picked-over meat and cheese trays were the best thing offered on this midday visit. Small snack items like chips and peanuts might be your best appetizer for whatever you decide to eat later in the main terminal or aboard your flight.

In a pinch there’s enough here to quench your thirst but if you prefer the top shelf, you won’t be happy about it. It’s not just the spirits, everything is the minimum in regards to quality from Gin (Gordons) to hot tea (Lipton).

Wi-fi/Connectivity: Complimentary wi-fi is offered at average speeds. Some buffering kept us from streaming HD video but it was minor and we were able to view, listen and watch internet content with relative ease.

Washrooms at Zurich (ZUR) DNATA SkyView Lounge.
If having a restroom that’s fancier than the terminal is a dealbreaker, then this isn’t your lounge. – Restrooms are outside the DNATA Lounge at Zürich (ZRH)

Service: The woman at the front desk seemed to be running the entire show. A bit frazzled at check-in she welcomed us but seemed connected  to taking care of other duties in the lounge. After making sure I understood that they don’t make flight announcements, I was in. She disappeared between each guest. Looking back, I probably could have smuggled my weight in deli meats out of the lounge without anyone knowing a thing.

Summary: If this is your only lounge option it might be a nice spot to escape if it’s not busy. Priority Pass (and similar lounge access memberships) give you several options at Zürich so if you’re hungry or crave something fancy to drink, it might pay to explore other options (time permitting).

Rating: 2 hops (of 5).

How to get in: Business class or better will get you in when flying partner airlines or by using lounge access memberships like Priority Pass and GoSimply.

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