Airline: United
Aircraft: 777-200
Seat maps: Seat Guru
Our Seat(s): 1G (Bulkhead)
Class: Business

But I’m Not Tired!

Lie-flat seating is nice but when you’re up, you’re up. These seats unfold into nap-worthy beds but I’m happy to recline and watch TV… and maybe attempt to get some work done.

I chose 1G well in advance of the flight so that I wouldn’t end up in one of the rear-facing seats in this cabin. I’m not sure why it freaks me out to fly backwards but it does. Maybe it’s that I’m a grown (old) man with no desire to ride like my kids in their car seats.

In my day, we sat face-forward in the FRONT.

Pillows and Blankets by Saks.

United Transcon Bedding provided by Saks Fifth Avenue


Personal TV’s were stocked with standard handfuls of movies and 3-packs of sitcoms. What shows do YOU only watch on planes?

Me? Veep & Big Bang Theory.


This flight was dominated by spinning wait-wheels. Clearly, the plane was configured with older wi-fi so it may not be fair to curse it’s usability while the airline works to install new systems. But it was bad bad bad sloooooow.

Starters Menu on a United Transcon flight from LAX to EWR

United’s Welcome Aboard. Bring the food!!!

It’s a Small Pie Made With Eggs.

Quiche seemed the most appealing of all breakfast foods on the menu. Slightly above edible I liked the crust quite a bit. The middle was typical in-flight egg loaf.

Best Service I’ve had on United in FOREVER.

I don’t want to play this up too much, but something must be happening at United. Flight attendants seemed genuinely happy to be there, or at least not mad. The entire crew was reliably smiley and helpful throughout.

Rating: 5.5 (of 10)

Route Flown for this review:  Los Angeles (LAX) – New York/Newark (EWR)

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Thanks for watching and reading our review aboard this Boeing 777-200 in United Business Class. See our other United Airlines reviews in our Plane Seats section.

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