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Gigs, Digs & Whips: Tips for Life on the Road

Contributing Author October 18, 2022

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It’s only been many years since we saw George Clooney in the role of Ryan Bingham on the big screen but the concept of being on the Road (or “Up in the Air” in his case) has evolved. It is no longer simply about being a travelling contractor working all corners of the US. Thanks to the growth of remote working, it enables you to become a true digital nomad and work across multiple countries.

While it is a move that can transform your life for the better, it’s vital that you take the right steps to prepare. Here are four top tips that can help you make the most of this approach.

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1| Find the right gig…or gigs.

If you want to work while you travel, it is essential that your career is in good shape. You can use the gig economy to find freelance work or be a remote contractor for one company. Either way, knowing how to make a living on the road is essential. Otherwise, you could end up back home at square one.

Working on the road is made easier by having a consistently good internet connection and the right tech tools for your work. Keeping an eye on who’s got the best portable wi-fi hotspot devices or just knowing where to find reliable internet can be helpful. As long as your employer or clients understand that your hours might look different from a traditional 9-5, you should be just fine. After all, hiring you brings many benefits from them. Not least on a financial front.


2| Find the right digs

Once you’ve found the right work, you need to ensure that the lifestyle elements are under control too. While you will probably travel to several locations while working on the road, most digital nomads spend months in each location. So, it’s vital that you find good accommodation for each destination. 

A good night’s sleep allows you to work better and enjoy the local attractions in style. Of course, a suitable location should be as important as the comfort of the venue. We’re big on luxurious digs for travel, but road life can sometimes mean saving money. To that end,  Experts at Hostel World can help you find the best deals in any city around the world. It’s not just about shared dorms, you’ll find private rooms at affordable prices too.

African senior woman using computer laptop inside mini van camper
Find the best wheels for your remote-work adventure.

3| Choose the best wheels

Of course, travel is a massive part of the new lifestyle. While you could get a train or flight to the next destination, driving is often better. Not least because it gives you the best chance to get around in daily life. It is particularly important if staying outside of major cities. Dealers like Edmunds can be your best shot at finding the right ride for life on the road.

When driving a long way from home, you need to have 100% confidence in the vehicle’s performance. Whether it’s a new car or an approved used vehicle doesn’t matter. Having the right model, along with a basic maintenance kit, will serve you well. It can be the one comfort that brings the benefits of traditional living to the new approach.


4| Learn to keep it real

Finally, stay honest with yourself as you take off on your remote work adventure. If things aren’t working for you in a location, move on. The beauty of life on the road is that you can change the rules if needed. Embrace it.


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