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Ideas for Crushing Long-Term Travel Burnout

Contributing Author August 2, 2022 1

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Since the start of the Covid 19  pandemic, increasing numbers of people have turned towards long term travel as a way of life. While many of us would usually only get away from our home town and visit other places maybe once every year or so, these new nomads tend to plan trips, hopping from one country to another, taking in as much of the world as they can see. Of course, there are different ways that people go about this. Some people will have gathered savings and will be travelling full time on a budget. Others will be digital nomads, working as they move around the world and earning an income to support themselves at the same time. No matter how you’re travelling, one thing is a common threat amongst people who don’t have a settled location – burnout. This is understandable. You’re going to want to do and see as much as you can in each location you visit, paired with long travel times and jetlag. Here are a few things you can do to avoid burnout as best possible while on the road.

Young man resting in hammock, outdoor lifestyle
Break up travel with rest to avoid burnout.


Commit a Day to Planning and Scheduling

One thing that can contribute to burnout is feeling like you are constantly figuring out what to do. You can avoid this by committing a day to fully planning the month ahead. This could involve choosing destinations, routes, accommodation and modes of transport once you land. Sure, this day may feel intense, but getting everything planned and organized at once can tick a big to-do off your list. Where possible, book and pay for things beforehand, as this can settle the matter more in your mind.


Take Days to Relax

Sure, you may want to pack in as much as possible when you’re away. But also remember that you only have so much energy and will run out if you’re non-stop every single day for weeks or even months on end. You do need to commit days in your schedule to pure relaxation – no sight seeing, no travelling, no commitments. You can have a lie in. Disconnect with Mushroom Gummies. Relax near a pool or on a beach. Eat meals out rather than having to cook and clean yourself. Whatever you enjoy to wind down, make sure to schedule it into your calendar routinely.


Get Sufficient Sleep

Chronic sleeplessness can have a negative impact on your health. You have to commit to getting a good eight hours’ worth of sleep every night. Sure, cutting an hour or two here and there may seem like it won’t be a big issue, but over time, your body will definitely begin to notice. This can result in fatigue and exhaustion. Instead, make sure that you have comfortable accommodation and try to stick to a bedtime and wake up routine.

Travel burnout is real and you really should take what measures you can to avoid it wherever possible. Hopefully, some of the advice above will get you on track for having happy and healthy travels, packed with the energy you need to truly enjoy yourself.

Any relaxation tips for long-term travel? Let us know in the comments or on socials @modhop.

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