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Modhop Basics

Basics: More Stress-Relieving Travel Tips from a Reader.

Contributing Author April 3, 2020

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Before Covid 19 changed normal for all of us, we planned to bulk up our “Modhop Basics” category. For now, please #stayhome and save these tips for later.

If you’re a traveler that finds certain types (or maybe ALL types) of travel anxiety-inducing, then you’ll want to make sure you have an arsenal of tricks & tips in place to deal with said travel anxiety. For example, you may want to learn how to record audio on mac so that you’ll always have soothing music for an impromptu Yoga sesh or just a zen moment. We all find a little bit of difficulty in certain aspects of travel. Whether it’s the cost, the anxiety of turbulence or travelling alone, there are ofthen ways around the pain.


a person wearing headphones sitting on a yellow seat
Download sounds and songs before your flight to avoid being stuck with a limited playlist.

Stress – Less Travel Ideas 

  • If you hate turbulence (aka, you’re like most of us), then look for flights that leave in the morning. A friend of a friend tells us that the ground heats up throughout the day. Meaning that there is likely to be more turbulence, as well as an increased likelihood of thunderstorms. So if you’re looking for a smooth flight or you get sick easily, then book flights in the morning when you can. It can also help to sit by the wings. If you can choose the right seat (although it may cost a bit more), you’re less likely to feel the turbulence or get motion sickness if you’re closer to the wings. Travel isn’t always so scary if you’ve got a few travel tricks like this one up your sleeve.

  • If you want good prices, then sign up to various flight websites to get email alerts when certain routes are reduced, for example. A site like Kayak is a fairly decent example, so could it’s worth a shot. Others we like are Hitlist and Skyscanner.

  • If you find standing in lines for a long time hard or don’t like always having to Uber or Lyft when you’re away, then looking at mobility hire could be an option for you. It could also help if you have someone elderly in your party but you don’t want to pay extra to take their scooter or wheelchair on the plane with you; just hire at your destination.

  • If you find the price of flights to be a non-starter, then look for a credit card that gives you points or miles when you spend (we’re big on flexible points like Ultimate Rewards from Chase or Membership Rewards from American Express). It means that you will get miles when you spend money on the things that you would normally spend on, like your groceries or fuel for your car (many cards have bonus categories for faster earning). That way you can easily nab flights a reduced price or even cover the cost of the flights.
a glass doors with a sign on the wall
Does your airport have it’s own Yoga room? SFO does.

What’s Best To Travel With?

  • Having to deal with the stress of lost luggage can make air travel a problem. So if you can, try to only use just a carry-on rather than checking bags. Of course, this isn’t going to always be possible. But when you can, it can be much less hassle and save you time at the airport too.

  • One of the last things on your mind might be what you wear on the flights. But comfort, of course, is going to be key. The next thing that you’ll want to think about is your footwear.
    If you have to take your shoes off at security, do you really want to have to undo and then re-lace your ankle boots? Think about slip-on footwear, as well as things like sandals in Summer…or get Pre✔ to avoid taking them off at all. Some credit cards give statement credits for Pre✔ dues so look for the perk when you’re shopping for a new card.

    a person's legs and feet in a room
    Lose the shoes or wear the right ones to avoid added airport hassle.

 Travelling short or long haul, you can follow some simple tips to ensure that your journey is a better one. Above are just a few helpers but remember to be early, slow down, take time to breathe deep, follow your meditation techniques (if that’s your kind of anxiety relief), and enjoy the wonders of the world.

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