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About Those new Japan Airlines Business Class Seats.

Jake Redman March 25, 2016 5

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Get Ready to lie Flat

Japan Airlines is upgrading the seats on their fleet of 11 777-200ER aircraft. The refreshed interiors will start making appearances in July of 2016 on flights between Tokyo (HND) and Bangkok (BKK). Tokyo (HND)- Singapore, and flights between Japan and Honolulu will see the new cabins in the Fall and Winter of 2016. But how are these new Japan Airlines Business Class seats different than what you’ll find on similar JAL planes and what will you find in the cabins behind business? Let’s start at the front…

A Business Class Comparison

The most exciting news is that unlike business class aboard this planes closest in-fleet relative, the 777-300ER, the newer suites feel more spacious in their 1-2-1 configuration and give you true aisle access from every seat.

Japan Airlines Business Class Sky Suite 777-200ER
Japan Airlines Business Class seats on a 767-200ER are configured 1-2-1 giving everyone direct aisle access. [Photo: Japan Airlines]
As you can see above the window side seats are all alone, unlike the 777-300ER (below) where you’ll have a little extra privacy and some extra seat width but less surface space and indirect aisle access if you’re closest to the window.
Japan Airlines Business Class 767-300ER
Business Class seats aboard a JAL 777-300ER are lie-flat and slightly staggered to provide an easy route to the aisle.

The newer 777-200ER seats aren’t wider all the way down, offering 20 inches across when seated but theres a bit more space at the armrest when sleeping. When the armrest is collapsed, you’ll get nearly 9 extra inches there. On the opposite side it appears you don’t have a cutout for storage at the base of the side console as is the case with the very similar seats we recently reviewed on Cathay Pacific Airlines. This could mean a knee-knock or two while side-sleeping away from the aisle.

Here are the specs of the new Japan Airlines Business Class Seat aboard the 777-200ER:

Cabin Configuration: 1-2-1 Reverse Herringbone
Maximum Bed Length: 78″
Maximum Bed Width: 29″ (armrest collapsed)
Seat Width (between armrests): 20-20.5″
TV Screen Size: 17″
Power: 1 each AC and USB
Photo: Japan Airlines
JAL 777-200ER Business Class [Photo: JAL]


Upgrades for Everyone!

Even the cabins behind Business Class on the 777-200ER get an update. Even better, they get significant upgrades. Both Japan Airlines Premium Economy and Economy get new seats and entertainment.

In Premium Economy, You’ll experience the “JAL Sky Premium” seat that comes with 19″ of seat width and 42″ of seat pitch (knee room). The cabin is configured 2-4-2, fairly typical for premium economy on a 777.

Japan Airlines Premium Economy and Economy
New Japan Airlines Premium Economy and “Sky Wider” Economy seats make their way onto the JAL 777-200ER. [Photos: Japan Airlines]
Economy gets new wider seats (yes!). Japan Airlines Economy “Sky Wider” seats measure 18.5″ across and are spaced to give you 33-34″ of pitch. The economy cabin configuration is 3-4-2, down from 3-4-3 before the planes are refreshed.

The improvements front to back make this a very attractive option on the medium-haul international routes these planes fly. We’re particularly happy to see wider seats in economy but of course won’t mind the direct aisle access and comfort of the new Japan Airlines Business Class seats when we upgrade.

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Jake Redman

Jake Redman

Modhop Host & Founder Jake Redman brings years of global exploration and travel tips to the podcast and our videos at Modhop. Jake is also a Producer and Host for SiriusXM.

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    • modhop on March 25, 2016

      Angled seats are so 2006. Hopefully they’ll get lie flat seats in the rest of their long-haul fleet eventually.

  1. raflw on March 25, 2016

    3-4-2 with 18.5″ width and 33-34″ pitch? That makes JAL economy highly competitive/better than US legacy Y+!

      • raflw on March 27, 2016

        I also applaud them for going 3-4-2. More choices for family/group configurations, and potentially more comfortable at sub-80% load factor than a 3-3-3 cabin.

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