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On August 27, 2008
Last modified:August 27, 2008


UPDATE (March 2014): This is now one of Delta’s “Economy Comfort” seats and is available for purchase for general SkyMiles members. Elite members get complimentarly or discounted access to these seats.

Airline: Northwest
Aircraft: A320
Seat: 5D
Class: Coach

Notes: As I was making the brief podcast below, I forgot to mention the only otherdrawback to these seats: Having to watch the first class passengers eat a hearty (although airline-y) breakfast while you munch on sunchips and beef jerky that came in your $5 snack pack. Otherwise, anything in row 5 on an NWA A320 is great. Lots of legroom/knee-room, room under the first class seats in front of you for stowage and you’re among the first to deplane.

Summary: Excellent Coach Seats.

Rating: 5 hops (of 5).

How I got it:Skyteam (Delta) Elite Status. Without elite status these seats may be offered within 24 hours of your flight at check-in, possibly for a small fee as a “Coach Choice” seat.

Update | July 2009:

With the Delta/Northwest Merger a full curtain has been introduced to seperate the coach and first class cabins (see photos below). While it doesnt quite change my original review of this seat, it is a minor inconvenience but can be tucked in the seatback pocket in front of you if necessary.

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