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Delta (Comair) – CRJ-900 Vers. 3 (CR9) – Seat 4A

Jake Redman July 21, 2008 4

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On July 21, 2008
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Airline: Delta
Aircraft: CRJ900
Seat: 4A
Class: First

4A aboard Comair CRJ 900 for Delta
Window? Aisle?...How about both? Seat 4A aboard Comairs CRJ900 for Delta.

Notes: It’s nice to have a first class option on smaller, regional jets. While the seats are remarkably tighter than those you’d find on a larger jet, they’re still much roomier than you’ll find in the back. You get about an inch and a half of extra width over coach and 4 inches more legroom which for short hauls isn’t too bad. But if you’re not getting the upgrade for cheap (or free) I’d skip the extra cost.

Delta CRJ900 Seat 4A

Service is of standard short haul domestic on Delta. Pilllow, blanket, free granola bars, cookies or nuts and drinks. That’s about it. Only got one good shot of seat 4A which is on the “1” side of a 2-1 configuration which gives you the awesome advantage of having both a window and and aisle.

Summary:  More like “coach plus” than first but just fine for standard short hauls. Like the “1” side of the 2-1 seating.

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  1. frqflyer on July 22, 2008

    Cool..I found you on google. Like your website btw. I’m flying this plane and hoping for an upgrade (looking good so far…coach is full and lots of open seats in first). Great to have visual reference on the seating.

  2. A. Camillo on July 23, 2008

    I prefer the embraer 175s over the newer CRJs. The seats don’t seem much different but the cabins feel roomier.

  3. Margaret on August 10, 2008

    This is so cool!! The first website I’ve seen with seat reviews, etc…. maybe I’m a bit behind but this is great, helpful info! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Nick Bond on July 24, 2012

    Cool Im flying on one of these on the 28th into Atlanta and then a 757-200 to NY

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