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On June 6, 2008
Last modified:June 8, 2018


These seats are being phased out (or may be gone by the time you read this) in favor of a 2 class transcon experience. To see what we think of the new-style seats, see our updated review.

Airline: United
Aircraft: 757-200 – Former 3 cabin “P.S. Service” transcon configuration.
Seat: 8B and 11D
Class: Business

Notes: Seat 8B is a typical P.S. Business Class seat for United. The most coveted seats in this class are in row 9, an exit row with several feet of room to stretch…or set up a small campsite (sans campfire and smores).

While I’m underwhelmed with P.S. Economy Plus (a few extra inches of legroom, otherwise typical coach), P.S. Business and from what I can tell P.S. First are my favorite for transcon journeys. The pics outline a typical flight and some bonus shots of the view from United’s Red Carpet Club at JFK.

Summary: Great service in business class, impressed by massive amounts of room, new entertainment options and more.

Rating: 4 hops (of 5)

How I got em: United Premier Status and 5 500-mile upgrades outbound and 15,000 Mileage Plus miles on the return. Without status you can use miles or purchase 500-mile upgrades (although you will be placed lower on the upgrade waitlist).

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