Airline: Delta
Aircraft: 757-200
Seat: 19F
Class: Coach [*3/15/2013: This seat is now an “Economy Comfort” seat and is reported to have some more legroom than reported in this review.]

Notes: If you’re flying Delta transcon service on a 757, you’re likely to get this configuration. (757-200ER BusinessElite Transcontinental (75E)). Seat Guru gives it their “half good/half bad” rating for seats 19 A&F  but I found 19F to be all bad, especially if you’re planning to sleep. There is a large bulge at the bottom of the exit door that’s RIGHT in front of you and forces you to angle your legs to the side if you want to stretch them out. 19A may be just slightly better because there is no row in front of you. Best advice is to try for seats 36 B,C,D or E either as a Medallion member by asking your gate agent. The back “mini-cabin” tends to be just a little quieter, the legroom is great and you’re just far enough from the lavatory that it’s not too bothersome unless a crowd builds up.

Here’s the unfortunate view from 19F. (Note the small gap for your legs between the seat to the right and in front of me and the exit door slide.)

Summary: If you don’t plan on sleeping or stretching out on your 7+ hour journey, then 19F will do just fine. Otherwise, I’d suggest avoiding it.

Rating: 1.5 hops (of 5)

How I got it: Delta Silver Medallion (silver elite) status. Seats are typically made available to non-elites at check-in.

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