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Plane Guide | The Delta A320

Jake Redman January 24, 2013

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We’ve flown aboard a good number of airplanes, but none more than the Delta A320. Here’s our definitive guide on what’s inside and what to expect on your next hop.

Delta Airlines A320 First Class
First Class aboard the Delta Airlines A320

Flying on a Delta A320 aircraft is an enjoyable way to make your next flight, whether it be a leisure trip to the beach with your family or a cross-country business trip. Delta operates the A320 on numerous routes throughout their network. While configurations may vary slightly, the most common setup for the Delta’s A320 aircraft is a first class section, 3 rows of economy comfort seating, and the remainder of the plane as traditional economy seating.

First class consists of 3 rows of seating in a 2×2 formation. Each first class seat has 36″ of pitch and is 21″ wide. The first row of the plane is a bulkhead seat, which means you won’t have anyone in front of you to recline. However, these seats are closest to the galley and the lavatory, which may mean increased noise and disruption. Additionally, you will have to stow any carry-on luggage for take-off and landing as their is no seat in front of you for storage.

Typical first class seat aboard the Delta A320.:

Passengers booked into economy class may choose economy comfort seating, which offers an additional 50% recline over a traditional economy seat. Economy comfort seats are complimentary or discounted for elite members of the Delta Skymiles program and may be selected at booking or online prior to the flight. If you are not an elite member of the SkyMiles program, you may pay an additional fee to select an economy comfort seat in advance. The price varies based on the distance of the flight, with economy comfort starting at $9 each way. Economy comfort seats may also be released for selection at check-in or closer to the flight if space is still available.

Review from the  bulkhead row in economy when these were Northwest Airlines planes. Row 5 is now Row 4 and is part of  Economy Comfort:

The vast majority of flyers reading this Delta A320 review will fly in economy class. Economy class makes up the majority of the seating configuration, with 20 rows in a 3×3 configuration. For increased legroom and comfort, it is suggested to select an exit row seat. However, Delta often labels these seats as preferred and they are only able to be selected by elite members or passengers flying on certain fare classes. Regular economy seats have 31″ of pitch and are 17″ wide.

Regardless of the class of service you are in, service options such as meals and drink service will vary based on the route you are flying and the length of the flight. A flight may serve a full meal to the entire plane, or only the first class cabin, or meals may be available for purchase. Barring rough skies, all flights operated by Delta using the A320 aircraft will include drink service.

Review from row 1 in first class. Please note there are now just 3 rows of first class aboard the Delta A320, not 4 as shown in the video:

Thank you for taking the time to read this Delta A320 review. We hope that these suggestions help make your next Delta flight aboard the A320 more enjoyable.

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