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Plane Guide | The United Airbus 319

Jake Redman March 28, 2013 7

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The exteriror of a United Airbus 319 has been a economy-driven chameleon sporting different colors in recent years (TED, old United, new United liveries) while the inside has seen it’s own changes. The modhop crew breaks down what you’ll find on board now in our definitive United A319 Plane Guide.

United A319 Seat 1B
You’ll start a fight between your right and left leg by choosing 1B. – Limited legroom in first class bulkhead aboard this United A319.

United Airlines has 55 united airbus 319 planes in their fleet, so if you are flying United on a North American route, you may end up on one. Here’s a guide to united airbus 319 seating, so you know what to expect on your next flight and can make a better decision about where to sit.

The United Airbus 319 is an enjoyable way to fly, and it offers many seating options. The typical seating configuration is a small First Class section, 7 rows of Economy Plus seating, and 12 rows of standard Economy.

First Class

The First Class section consists of two rows of seats in a 2×2 configuration, for a total of 8 seats. Each seat has a standard seat pitch of 38”, 20.5” of seat width, and 6” of seat recline. The first row is the bulkhead row, so you will not have anyone reclining in front of you. There is also an overhead TV screen for in-flight entertainment located at the first row. The bulkhead has a small cutout for extra leg extension but some might still find it restrictive.

Economy Plus
If you decide to fly Economy, you can choose an Economy Plus seat, which offers up to 5 inches of extra legroom over the standard Economy seat. The Economy Plus seats are in a 3×3 configuration in rows 7-21, for a total of 40 seats, so there are plenty available. Row 7 is the bulkhead seat. The charge for an Economy Plus seat depends on the route, and you can purchase a seat at booking or at check in.

Standard Economy
The majority of travelers enjoying the United Airbus 319 seating will be traveling in the Economy section. The Economy seats are in a 3×3 configuration in rows 22-34, for a total of 72 seats. Each seat has 31” of pitch, 18” of width, and 5” of recline. Rows 20-21 are the exit rows, so travelers sitting here will have some extra leg room.

Notes on Specific Rows and Seats
Below is a listing of nonstandard United Airbus 319 seating rows and seats, so you can better choose where to sit:

• Bulkead seats: Rows 1 (First Class) and 7 (Economy Plus)
• Seats with limited recline: Row 12
• Exit rows: Rows 20-21
• Over wing Rows: Rows 11-25
• Movable aisle armrests: Rows 8-12D and 22-34D
• Overhead TV screens at rows 1, 7, 10, 12, 21, 24, 27 and 30

Entertainment and Service
In-flight entertainment consists of movies on flights longer than 3 hours, and TV shows on shorter flights. There are overhead TV screens located throughout the plane. Audio programming is also available at each seat.

Food service varies with the length of the flight, and can be anything from snacks to full meals. Economy passengers can purchase food, while it is generally provided in First Class. Soft drink service is included on all flights, with cocktails available for an extra charge for Economy passengers.

We hope you found this post about United Airbus 319 seating informative and useful, and that you now know which seats will give you the most comfortable flight on this aircraft!

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Jake Redman

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  1. CP on March 28, 2013

    “14 rows of Economy Plus seating” — no. Just because they’re numbered 7 to 21 doesn’t make it 14 rows. And even still, that’d be 15 rows if all numbers were included between 7 and 21. It’s only 7 rows of E+.

  2. Ed C. on May 17, 2013

    Too bad they are taking all the IFE out (audio/video) and just installing WiFi only :(.

    No more Ch 9 either!

  3. Mike Mad Dog on April 17, 2015

    Do you know how much space between economy seating for leg room. IE 36 inc. which includes under the seat in front of you?

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