Tu Issara with Anthony and Jake

Thai Celebrity Hotelier Ditawat Issara , known as “Tu” visits the Podcast.

We can’t get enough Thailand. This pod, We get insider info from Thai Celebrity Hotelier Two Issara and his take on the current state of Tourism in the country (particularly Phuket). Plus there’s news! Boracay Island in the Phillipenes re-opens cleaner and quieter than before. An unusual but heroic good deed aboard a Philipines Airlines flight is praised by many…and us. Finally, we circle back home to find out that roughly 4,800 Wall Street Journal readers love domestic airports…in the wrong order.

Show Links

1. Denver
2. Orlando
3. Phoenix
4. Atlanta
5. Dallas Ft. Worth
6. Las Vegas
7. Seattle Tacoma
8. Charlotte
9. Los Angeles
10. Boston

Mentioned by our Guest, Tu Issara:

  • Circoloco comes to Thailand at Baba Beach Club Phuket.
  • Michelin Star Street Food at Jay Fai. Watch the Mark Weins (an Anthony fave) review:

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