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Destination Chernobyl | Modhop 36

Jake Redman November 30, 2018

Jake and Anthony talk about how music gives them the feels before talking in a disturbing manner about Delta’s new face recognition technology and a popular nuclear tourist destination. Also, we’ll chat about new gates opening at New York LaGuardia and preview Jake’s 15 hour stop in Hong Kong.


10 Minutes in Burlingon, VT | Modhop 34

Jake Redman November 10, 2018

There’s some travel news up front including a new Amex card for business that’s somehow both awesome and lame. Later, Jake’s list of between one and three things to do if you’ve got 10 minutes in Burlington,VT. Somehow, we then spiral into a couple of stories about confidence and how […]


Lisbon has the Best Marshmallow Drinks | Modhop 33

Jake Redman November 2, 2018

It’s the podcast’s first birthday! Before we dive deep into Anthony’s trip to Lisbon, there’s a flashback to our first episode along with the usual travel news. Learn about how a small coastal town in France is storing it’s wine before being grossed out about what a recent study shows […]