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BTS Pizza Party! | Modhop 31

Jake Redman October 11, 2018

If our click-bait title draws in tons of K-Pop fans, they’ll learn about American Airlines new, more restrictive rebooking policy. Plus they’ll know the top 2 cities to visit in the US in 2018 according to Conde Nast and discover a swanky new cocktail lounge inside an old airplane.


That’s not Nice | Modhop #26

Jake Redman August 17, 2018

Anthony is away on vacation so our SiriusXM Radio Andy pal Alyssa Heimrich is here to sit in on some headlines. ONE of our headlines involves Radio Andy (Cohen) himself who was turned around flying from New York to Nice, France this week. We’ll talk about why his flight got […]


Turks & Jagmac | Modhop 25

Jake Redman August 12, 2018

Caught off guard we start with a swears-full recollection of an at work run-in with Disney Radio fave “JagMac”, an all-family pop group I had seen the week before at a radio event in LA. If you can make it (or skip) through that, we dig into news about an […]