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On May 5, 2011
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Airline/Club Name: The Lounge
Location: New York (JFK)
Terminal/Concourse: Terminal 4

Notes: Mid-morning on a Wednesday seemes to be the right time to visit this independent lounge…simply titled “The Lounge”. (I’m a sucker for simplicity). Crowds were light as there were no flights  serving member airlines (Air India, Eurofly, Avianca to name a few) at the time.

Wi-Fi & Workstations: Wi-fi is complimentary and a few internet workstations are available. These are not full workstations, however. There are a few tables that might suit the purpose, but are not as practical or useful as a standard cube.

Service/Food & Drink: The front desk attendant seemed to be running the show. Upon checking us in, she took our order for the continental breakfast offering. Juices, soda, beer, coffee and tea were self-serve. The bar is also self-serve and includes wine, spirits and mixers.

Convenience to gate: This lounge is landside, meaning you’ll still need to clear security before proceeding to gate. Otherwise, you’re right above the entrance to the “B” gates in Terminal 4.

Rating: 3 hops (of 5)

How we got in/Strategy: Priority Pass membership (recommended) allows you to enter member clubs like this one worldwide. A must-have if you’re planning to visit several lounges over the next year. Other ways to get in: Diners Club members get in free, as do members of the UK’s “Airport Angel” program. The Lounge also welcomes business class fliers on partner airlines like Etihad and Avianca. There’s also a *$40 one-time visit pass for anyone who wants to buy their way in. (*As of 5/5/2011.)

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