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On September 30, 2013
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Airline: Air China
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Seat Info: 16D, 17A, 17C
Class: Business


Air China - Business Class Pajamas

I’m no Top Chef but I look like one in Air China biz-class PJ’s! – Showing off my new sleepwear at the modhop Travel Cave.

Seat(s): We’ve been in these seats already. Not aboard this Air China 777-300, but on United Airlines very similar, but slimmer “Business First” versions. Air China’s seats give you nice width, soft cushioning and slightly more complex seat controls. It’s the little bit of extra width that really sets these seats apart, making them friendlier for those of us on a western diet.

At sleep time, you’ll benefit from a built-in pillow that’s slightly recessed so that your head isn’t pushed up by more than the soft pillow provided. Snuggle up underneath a down comforter and jam your feet into the tiny footwell. Some wells are bigger than others but most force your feet into a tight space, particularly in the window seat. If you can arrange yourself into a position that works, it should be a good nap with soft cushioning and good elbow room. If you can find your way into a bulkhead seat, you’ll enjoy a much larger, less restricting footwell.

Sitting up you’re in good shape. Good legroom, a good sized console an plenty of hip and elbow space keep comfortable for the long-haul.

Tech/Connectivity: There’s a USB port near your TV screen and an empower multi-nation power port in front of each console. Otherwise tech is limited to the features found in the super-cool moving map that features zooming, different views and more time-killing features.

Air China Breakfast

The squishy airline egg omelette is universal. – Breakfast in business class aboard an Air China 777.

Food:  The main course had decent flavor but wasn’t quite premium class quality. Pre-arrival breakfast wasn’t much better in regard to quality, just a standard-issue airline egg loaf, fruit and small bowl of cereal. What we did like here was that there was never a cart in the aisle. Meals were brought out row-by-row in a beautifully choreographed ballet of food service.

Service: Outside of boarding, deplaning and food service flight attendants were invisible or missing. It’s up to you whether or not that’s a good thing. When we came across one, it was usually a pleasant exchange.

Rating: 3 of 5 hops.

How we got em’: This was part of a larger Star Alliance award itinerary using US Airways Dividend Miles. Our friends at PointsPros found a great multi-segment all-business class trip using minimal miles to Asia via Europe.

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