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Video | Austrian Airlines Business Amenity Kit unBOX

Jake Redman May 9, 2014

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The video unBOX of this Austrian Airlines Business Class Amenity Kit isn’t a highlight reel by any stretch. But is my lack of enthusiasm is really just a reflection of how unexciting the kit is? Sure, it’s not the best collection of mile high goodies we’ve been offered in long-haul business class but some days it’s just hard to find the energy to make a cheap toothbrush and a packet of tiny mints sound exciting.

Evironmentaly friendly or just organic-looking? The bag itself might have a green story behind it, but we weren’t able to dig it up. Regardless of whether or not it’s made from recyled bike tires and used fiberglass insulation, it’s got an earth-friendly look and feel to it, similar to the Cathay Pacific Premium Economy kit.

Who took all the lotion? “Alpreeen, Allpeen”. Sure I messed up the name of the company that makes the kit’s lotion (Alpienne) worse than John Travolta butchered Idina Menzel’s name at the 2014 Oscars, but it doesnt change the fact that nearly all the lotion seems to be missing. This travel sized tube starts out looking like the toothpaste tube in the family washroom when mom and dad forget to hit the drug store.

You have such soft eyes. The fabric on the side of the included eyemask that covers your eyes is soft and extends to keep light from sneaking out past your nose. Unfortunately, the light still finds a way to sneak by and the mask feels pretty stiff when it’s on.

What?! – No really, what? I can’t hear you with these 3M earplugs lodged in my ear.

But really, who cares? The Austrian Airlines Business kit isn’t stellar, but the seats are. Austrian’s newer lie flat seating in business class wow’d us on our flight aboard one of the airlines 767-300’s. So bring your own gear and get cozy.

Our late, great Boarding Area brother Darren Booth reviewed this kit before his untimely passing earlier this year. Darren shared my nerdy passion for amenity kits and is just another small reason to miss him and his fantastic blog, Frequently Flying. His rating methodology was carefully constructed and honest using a 1 to 7 scale, with this kit landing at a very average 4.15.

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Jake Redman

Jake Redman

Modhop Host & Founder Jake Redman brings years of global exploration and travel tips to the podcast and our videos at Modhop. Jake is also a Producer and Host for SiriusXM.

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