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On September 16, 2013
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Lounge: BGS Premiere Lounge
Where: Beijing Capital Airport (PEK)


Workstations at Terminal 3 BGS Premier Lounge - Beijing

The frustrating wi-fi will have you checking your Sina Weibo account from one of these connected workstations – BGS Premier Lounge @PEK.

Seating: What kind of seat you’ll choose inside the BGS Premier Lounge Beijing Capital Airport terminal 3 location has already been decided. If you want to sit at all it’ll be in a grey soft-cloth lounge chair. With that covered you can skip directly to what kind of seating configuration you want. Should you plop down in one of the many single seats in front of a large wall-mounted TV? Or spread out across a group of seats meant for 4 or 5 people.

Food: Food gets mixed reviews throughout the day but safe options like “just add water!” noodles and small sandwiches can be found to tide you over for a bit. Lounge Dim sum has rarely been good in our experience and this was no exception.

Wi-fi/Connectivity: There are instruction guides on how to connect to wi-fi but it’s a mildly frustrating process. What’s more frustrating is the connection itself. Frequent network drops and slow speeds aren’t your devices fault.

Power strips are plugged into the few wall outlets throughout the lounge so that everyone’s got a place to recharge. With your tablet plugged in way over there, it might be tough to use and recharge at the same time.

Power strips at BGS Lounge - PEK

Multi-port power strips are connected to the few outlets along the outer walls of the lounge. – BGS Premier at Beijing Int’l.

Showers: Showers are available but we didn’t use them on this visit.  We’re told they’re good ones.

Service: Being asked to stop filming won’t keep me from giving the service here a thumbs up. The watchful eyes of the very attentive staff is likely a benefit to you (not so much for the picture-happy lounge reviewer). The lounge is well maintained by staff and front desk service was friendly and helpful.

Summary: While it would be nice to see a better variety of seating the BGS Premier Lounge at PEK is an average international lounge with comfortable lounge chairs and a fair selection of pre-flight snacks. Business amenities include web-connected workstations but not-so-great wi-fi. Staff is polite and was very helpful on our visit and should make sure you don’t leave too hungry or in a hurry.

How to get in: If you’re a member of Priority Pass or similar participating lounge affiliate program, you’re in. Alternately, check with your airline to see if your business or first class ticket gives you access. Single visit passes are also available for purchase at the front desk.

Hops: 3 (of 5).

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