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Video | Country Inn and Suites – Elk Grove Village, IL

Jake Redman March 8, 2013

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On March 8, 2013
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If you’ve got business near Chicago O’hare or in the northwestern Chicago suburbs, this is an option. Is it a good one? Define “good”.

Hotel Name: Country Inn & Suites
Location: @I290 on Devon Ave – Elk Grove Village, IL
Room Type: King Suite


King Suite
Old Uncle Bernie’s favorite chair and who took the plastic off the sofa?! – King Suite at Country Inn and Suites in Elk Grove Village, IL

The Room:  As road-trip quality suites go, it’s hard to complain about the space. The pull-out sofabed is good for the kids and the king bed is comfortable and clean. But clean and comfortable don’t make for a 5-star sleep experience. The linens were a little less than mid-grade, but look at me complaining about linens at a roadside hotel. Sleep is also dependent upon the decibel level during nighttime hours. With a large event space and active sports bar just across from the hotel there’s a high-risk of drunken yodels from the parking lot and rowdy hotel guests. On our visit there was what sounded like a cage-fight in the suite next door.

You’ll be working with a pretty small workspace and little in the way of connectivity. Missing are the modern tv-connections for personal game or video  units and computers…as are the modern tvs. Just about as flashback-y as the TVs is that in-room internet is complimentary. Web speed isn’t the greatest, but good enough for a pixelated Skype session. (“Eww. You’re all blurry!” repeated Mrs. modhop.)

Small TV and dresser.
Sad, tiny TV and dresser in an even sadder dark corner. – King Suite at Country Inn & Suites in Elk Grove Village IL

Service: The noise next door became such a problem that I had to call the front desk. In what seemed like 4 rounds time, I overhear the front desk rep knock on the neighbors door and along with a polite greeting totally blows up my spot, “The guy in {room number} says it sounds like you guys are wrestling or somthing, haha. But I like you guys, just keep it down”. So I guess noise complaints aren’t anonymous.

Aside from that, front desk service was very friendly and helpful. Quick check-in, help with directions and billing questions all helped the team win back my affection.

Overall: If you’ve got to pull off the road to catch some z’s or if you just don’t have the funds for something closer to O’hare then The Country Inn and Suites might work but it’s not first-choice quality.

Rating (Room-only): 2 hops of 5

How we got it: “If available” upgrades may be offered when you book a room online. Book a regular room and opt-in for a larger room or suite at check-in if it’s available for less than the normal booking rate.

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