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Video | Delta Economy Comfort – MD88 Seat 10A

Jake Redman May 5, 2014

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On May 5, 2014
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Seat(s): All hail the soft bulkhead! It’s been our favorite aboard a number of planes like Alaska Airline’s 737-800 and the long-ago Northwest Airlines A320. Delta Economy Comfort seat 10A aboard an MD88 is another to love. Stretch out fully with minimal obstruction and let your knees wobble around freely as they’ll have more room than they’ve seen south of first class in a long time. That’s not all! Even with the tray table eating up a tiny bit of seat width, you’ve still got a little more hip space than you’ll find on other planes.

Airline: Delta
Aircraft: MD88
Seat maps: Delta | SeatGuru
Seat Info: Row 10, Seat A
Class: Delta Economy Comfort (Economy seat with added legroom)

Delta Economy Comfort Seat 10A Legroom on an MD88
Your feet are dealing with a seat support but your knees are dealing with nothing. Tons of space in 10A aboard a Delta MD88.

You’re also nowhere near the restroom which we count as a plus. If you’re worried that you’ll need to access the toilet frequently you might want to consider something in a regluar economy seat near the rear of the plane…and see your doctor.

Tech/Connectivity/Entertainment: Unless your solar paneled iPhone is loaded with things to watch and do in-flight you might end up becoming more familiar with this month’s SKY magazine than you had hoped. There’s no in-flight entertainment other than GoGo wi-fi, so bring a fully charged smartphone or tablet. That way you can beam pictures of your seat to the ground…That’s what we do, at least.

Food: It’s the normal Delta short-haul menu in most cases. Snacks for $, Biscoff cookies and peanuts or pretzels. Don’t forget your giant ziploc bag of trail mix.

Biscoff Cookies and Coffee
Sweet Biscoff cookies and caffiene. It’s a wonder that you can sit still for more than an hour. Snacks on a Delta MD88.

Service: Being the very first to be served in economy is like a little life victory. Unless there’s an unusual number of thoughtful, happy passengers behind you, this is when the flight attendant will be at their best and won’t be out of your favorite snack box. For us it was all smiles, Biscoff cookies and a hot cup of coffee.

Rating: 4 hops (of 5).

Route Flown for this review: Newark (EWR) – Atlanta (ATL)

Get it: Once your flight is booked it’s easy to purchase an upgrade to Economy Comfort using the seat map(s) for your flight at or by calling the airline directly. If you have medallion status you’ll have complimentary or discounted access to economy comfort seats. See Delta’s Economy Comfort comparison for the benefit that corresponds with your medallion level (silver, gold, etc.)

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