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Delta Embraer 145 – Exit Row Seat 12B

Jake Redman June 4, 2012

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Embraer 145

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On June 4, 2012
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Airline: Delta Airlines
Aircraft: Embraer 145 (E45)
Row:  12   Seat: B
Class: Economy (Exit)

The Seat: 12B aboard this Delta Connection Embraer 145 is an exit seat at the bottom of the exit seat food chain. Sure it’s got some extra legroom but it ends there. The seat width in this cabin averages 17 inches (that’s about 1.5 inches tighter than this plane’s newer siblings). Add that your tray table takes up space in the armrest and things are looking pretty slim. Hope you made it to pilates this week.

Food: Normally You’re lucky to get pretzels, if anything on hops this short. If it helps there are pictures of sumptuous airline food items in the back of your Sky Magazine…no? Typical soda and juices are served up for free. Booze will cost you, but might help you deal with the pain of being wedged into these stiff seats.

Summary: This row and seat are as good as it gets on this airplane. The legroom is generous in all 3 seats but width suffers due to the tray table. 12B (the aisle seat on the side with 2 seats) is likely the best bet on the plane in terms of the best uninterrupted leg space , but my favorite is seat 12A. The plane’s curvature slopes in to make the space a little awkward but you still get plenty of legroom and the bonus of having both a window and direct aisle access.

Rating: 2 hops (of 5)

Strategy:  Delta Airlines Medallion (elite) SkyMiles members will have the easiest time booking these. Since there are no first class seats on this aircraft there will be no last minute upgrades to first class for premium passengers that would otherwise leave exit and bulkhead seats up for grabs. Book early and check-in early, all the while looking for these open seats on the map. Good luck and may your flight on this Delta Connection E145 be short and on-time.

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