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Video | Delta MD90 Economy Comfort Row 12

Jake Redman March 4, 2013 1

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On March 4, 2013
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Airline: Delta Airlines
Aircraft: MD90
Row:  12
Class: Economy Comfort – Extra Legroom Seat

Delta MD90 wifi
“Please don’t spill…Please don’t spill…Please don’ spi…” – Drinks and wi-fi aboard this Delta MD90

The Seat: I keep saying that I’ll do it, but always forget. I need to bring a tape measure to see how much legroom there REALLY is in some of these seats. More often than not, I find myself questioning the validity of how much “pitch” (distance between your seat and the one in front of you) is advertised by the airline and seat-rating sites. For now, I’m  balancing their word vs. my own instinct with this particular row aboard this Delta MD90 and I’d say it feels “just about right”.

When the seat in front of you goes full recline, you might feel a little less exclusive in your minimally upgraded space but you still have a few other benefits over normal economy. First: Your recline is greater too, so just lean back and take back some of the space that was so rudely stolen from you. Second: If you’re in the A or B seats you’ll have either a window view and one less person to crawl over to get to the aisle OR direct access to the aisle and just one person to lean over to look outside.

Otherwise, this  is a typical but reasonably comfortable leather economy seat.

Tech/Connectivity: Charge-up before hopping on, there are no power outlets on-board.    If you’ve got plenty of power and some space on your credit card, there’s surfing to be done via your laptop, tablet, phone or other connected gadget via  gogo in-flight wifi.

Delta MD90 Seat 12B Legroom
This amount of legroom should probably be the rule, not the upgrade. – Economy Comfort Row 12 / Delta MD90

Service: Being close to the front of economy, I was the first (and maybe only) to ask for a lime in my drink. Having forgotten to slice one up our attendant very happily paused service to quickly go find some and brought me two wedges with a smile. Maybe it’s a little sad that that’s all it takes to make me happy, but it’s not every time that a seemingly small request isn’t met with a sigh of annoyance or eye-roll. The little things matter and I think this crew knew it.

Food: Nothing but peanuts on this flight but on those over 3 hours you’ll have the option of  food-for-purchase.

Summary: Of the Economy Comfort travel I’ve done to date, this seat seems the most restrictive. That said, it’s still pretty roomy and it’s great to have the extra legroom and be on the side of the plane with only 2 seats (a perk throughout economy aboard this Delta MD90). Mixed with at least minimally friendly service and we’re content.

Rating: 3 “hops” (of 5).

Strategy: Economy Comfort seats are available for purchase whenever available from booking to flight time. Delta Gold-level and up elite frequent fliers get early pick of these while Silver members can only choose them within 24 hours of the flight for free. If the seat you want is taken when you book, be sure to keep an eye on them in the days leading up to your flight. Elite members might be upgraded to first class, leaving choice seats open in economy and Economy Comfort.

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  1. Jordan Shavit on March 12, 2014

    Thanks, this is very helpful. What I often find myself debating is whether to take an Economy comfort vs. exit row. Any comments on that would be great.

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