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Video | EVA Air Business Class 777-300 Seat 10K

Jake Redman August 18, 2014 1

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On August 18, 2014
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Airline: EVA Air
Aircraft: 777-300
Seat maps:  EVA AirSeatGuru
Seat Info: Seat 10K
Class: Royal Laurel Business Class

Seat(s): We’re no longer confused about what “reverse herringbone” means and we love it. In the single window seats you’re facing away from the aisle which makes for a less awkward and seemingly more private experience. No one is facing you, you’re not facing others. Perfect.

We like the option of pinpointing our exact seat position but the preset “relax” setting on its own was very comfortable for  watching tv, snacking, light napping or  even getting work done.  The seat is well cushioned and has the width and legroom you’d expect from an international business class seat and maybe a little more.


Console - Window Seat.
Good space for your stuff on this good-sized console.

Tech/Connectivity/Entertainment: There are options built into the Sky Gallery in-flight entertainment system that will let you call and e-mail friends back on earth but we can’t very if or how well they work. Our hijinks with the seat to seat calling was a big fail, so we can’t quite give it our official stamp. Real wi-fi can be found on newer EVA 777-300 aircraft but wasn’t installed on ours.

Your personal TV can be controlled using the touch screen or the remote unit and features a good number of Hollywood and international movies, TV Shows, games and features. While the movies were fairly current, the most recent US sitcoms we could find were 3 episodes from the final (and worst) season of the show “Scrubs”. I watched all 3.

Power, USB and audio/video inputs are all conveniently right next to you for easy access.

Food: This is some of the best food I’ve had in the sky. Our slightly lowered expectations after reading others reviews of the EVA Air Business Class (“Royal Laurel”) menu might have made it easier to please us but we liked just about everything we got.

Both our main and pre-arrival courses were chosen online in the weeks before the flight:

Manage Flight Screen
In the same space used to change your seat at EVA’s website, you’ve got the option to change your meal.
EVA Pre-order mnue.
From this screen you can choose from items that are planned for your flight’s menu, or another choice to be brought on board just for you!


EVA Air Food
More than Instagram-worthy, this “Special Noodle Soup” was tops on our list of things we’ve eaten on an airplane.

As for the beverage menu this is one of the best. From pre-flighting with Dom Perignon to Sapphire Gin & tonics you get to be a grown up without the nasty mid-air hangover.

Download the full menu from our flight (.pdf):  Food Menu |Drink Menu

Service: Boarding in Taipei was orderly but forgettable. Once on-board things got more impressive. A friendly walk to our seat was a great way to start. From there the champagne flew, meals were served promptly and all with timely checks on our comfort. The spirit of the EVA crew was happy and infectious…unless that was the booze.

Rating: 4 hops (of 5).

Route Flown for this review: Taipei (TPE) – San Francisco (SFO)

How we got em’: This was a large sliver of a Star Alliance award itinerary using US Airways Dividend Miles. The gang at PointsPros found a great  all-business class trip using just a handful of  miles to Asia (via Europe). Note: US Airways is no longer in the Star Alliance but as part of it’s merger with American Airlines is now a part of OneWorld.


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